Lok Sabha Elections 2024: ‘Farsa’ is ready again in the politics of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is considered the focal point of the country’s politics. The direct impact of the politics here is visible at the centre. The noteworthy thing is that in the politics of Uttar Pradesh, which influences the country, even though the number of Brahmin voters is around 12 percent, this class has the ability to influence the politics of the state tremendously. There are about 115 seats in the assembly in which Brahmin voters have good influence. The surprising thing is that even at a time when the dates of Lok Sabha elections 2024 have been announced, there was no discussion on the temperament and equation of Brahmins in Uttar Pradesh. On one hand, there was a fight for OBC votes between BJP and Indi alliance, while on the other hand, Mayawati is dependent on the DM i.e. Dalit Muslim equation. This is happening in a state where Brahmins have been Chief Ministers 6 times and 52 Brahmins had become MLAs in the 2022 Assembly elections.

If seen, after the Mandal Commission, Dalit-OBC politics gained momentum in UP and since then no Brahmin has been able to become the CM, but as a voter, this caste recovered from the initial shocks during the 90s and regained its old influence. Has achieved from. This is the reason why SP and BSP, which directly opposed Manuvad and came to power in the changed political environment after the Mandal Commission, later started making strategies to attract the Brahmin vote bank.

The noise of Brahmin politics was going to the background, meanwhile Jitin Prasad, Minister of Public Works Department in Uttar Pradesh Government, has once again brought Brahmin self-respect and respect into the discussion. While posting a picture of garlanding the statue of Lord Parshuram in Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur, he wrote that respecting the faith of the public, the government has given financial and administrative approval for the beautification and development of Jalalabad, the birthplace of Lord Parshuram.

In politics, the art of conveying the message in less words is important and that is why the one who is expert in it is also considered an expert in the tricks of politics. Jitin Prasad has been very vocal on the issue of Brahmin self-respect in the last few years, he formed an organization for Brahmins and launched a campaign to unite Brahmins by roaming around the entire state. Even when Jitin Prasad joined BJP, this issue was raised that the way Jitin Prasad had made the resentment of Brahmins a national issue, after his joining BJP, she has become politically in favor of BJP. The chair Jitin is holding today was once occupied by stalwarts like Naseemuddin Siddiqui and Shivpal Singh Yadav. Both of them remained strong in their respective parties and also had the image of a hero among the people of their caste and now perhaps Jitin too is slowly and steadily establishing himself as the same hero among the Brahmin community of Uttar Pradesh. .

At a time when even the conferences of Prabuddha Sabha were not being discussed, the picture of Jatin Prasad with the statue of Lord Parshuram has left many leaders in Uttar Pradesh in confusion. It will now be interesting to see how Brahmin votes affect the electoral equation or will this impact be limited to only a few districts. Whatever may be the result, if Jitin will try with all his might to bring the Brahmin class together, then this time’s election in Uttar Pradesh will truly be history making.

– Dr. Ritu Dubey Tiwari

media educationist


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