Loss of 50 lakh rupees on sending Thumbs Up emoji, know what is the meaning of cheating


Thumbs Up Emoji : Nowadays most people use social media and often use emoji in it to make their chatting experience better. But for your information, let us tell you that replying with emoji without knowing it can be harmful for you. It may happen that what you are understanding the meaning of emoji is not the meaning at all. One such case has come to light from Canada, in which a person was fined 50 lakhs due to an emoji.

this is the whole matter

This case is from Saskatchewan, Canada. Here in March 2021, a grain buyer sent the contract to buy the crop of local farmer Chris Actor through online message. In this, it was promised to buy the crop in November. The contract was sent regarding this. In response to this message, Chris actor replied with ‘Thumbs-up’ emoji. Chris Actor could deliver the crop in November. At the same time, till now the price of the crop had also increased. The farmer says that his thumbs-up emoji meant that he had got the contract, but he did not confirm that contract.

fined 50 lakhs

The buyer of the crop said that the farmer had confirmed the terms of the contract with a ‘thumbs-up’ emoji. When the matter reached the court, the court considered the ‘Thumbs-up’ emoji as the official signature and imposed a fine of $61,442, or about 50 lakhs, on the farmer. In such a situation, if you also reply to someone with emoji without knowing the meaning of emoji, then this habit can harm you a lot. Before replying with emoji in the message, its meaning should also be known.

What is the meaning of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down emoji?

According to a study, ‘Thumbs-up’ emoji is most commonly used. It is used instead of giving approval or writing OK. According to a report published in ‘Daily Mail’, the ‘Thumbs-Down’ emoji means not liking someone’s message or work. Similarly, different emoji have different meanings. In such a situation, before sending an image to someone, it is right to know its meaning.

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