Madhav Sadashivrao Golwalkar’s life was devoted to social harmony.


Anti-India ideologies have been making efforts since the beginning to pit Hindus against each other on the basis of caste discrimination and defame the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Shri Guruji gave an interview on 1 January 1969 to the editor of the daily newspaper ‘Navakal’.

The life of revered Madhav Sadashivrao Golwalkar, the second Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has been dedicated to the organization of Hindu society, its enlightenment and the creation of a monogamous society by eliminating social-caste disparities. Shri Guruji’s efforts in the direction of ending caste discrimination and untouchability resulted in a big and remarkable work, when in the Parliament of Religions held in Udupi on December 13-14, 1969, the country’s leading saints and mahatmas chanted the Samrasata Mantra in unison. announced-

“Hindav: Sodra: Sarve, na Hindu: Patito Bhavet.

Mama Deeksha Hindu Raksha, Mama Mantra: Equality.

That is, all Hindus are brothers (born from the womb of the same mother), no Hindu can be mean or degenerate. Protecting Hindus is my initiation, equality is my mantra. Shri Guruji was sure that if the country’s leading religious leaders appeal to the society that there is no place for untouchability in Hindu religion, therefore we should treat everyone equally, then the general public will accept this easily and social harmony will prevail. A big task will be proved in the direction of. On behalf of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, on the request of Shri Guruji in this Parliament of Religions, all the saints unanimously passed a historic resolution for social harmony. Shri Guruji did not limit his role to this, but now he thought how this good message should reach the people. Because at that time the media did not reach the masses like today. In order to take this elixir of social harmony to the general public, Shri Guruji wrote a letter to the swayamsevaks of the Sangh on January 14, 1970, in which he said that the event in Karnataka was many times more successful than the workers had expected. As if the conch has been blown for the unity and transformation of the Hindu society. But we should not sit complacent with this. In eradicating the curse of untouchability, our Acharyas, Dharmaguru and Mathadhipatis of all sects have extended their support. But sacred words alone are not enough to put the proposal into direct practice. The evils of centuries do not get eradicated only by words and goodwill. For this tireless hard work and qualified publicity will be required. People will have to go from town to town, village to village, house to house, that the decision to destroy untouchability has been taken. And this is a change from the heart, not just under the pressure of modernity. Consciously accept this change to rectify the mistakes we have done in the past. From this letter of Shri Guruji, we can understand how determined he was to end untouchability and create an atmosphere of unity in the Hindu society. He also worried that the announcement he made through the religious leaders should reach the society. Lakhs of Swayamsevaks who live for social harmony in the branch of the Sangh went among all the people of the society with the mantra of ‘Hindav: Sodra: Survey’ on the call of Sarsanghchalak.

There is another poignant and inspiring memoir of this Dharma Sansad. Coming from the so-called untouchable caste, retired IAS officer R. The proposal of ‘Hindav: Sodra: Survey’ was passed under the chairmanship of Bharnaiyya. Many participants also expressed their views regarding the proposal. As soon as the program was over, Bharanaiyya got emotional and hugged Shri Guruji as soon as he got down from the stage. Tears were coming out of his eyes. They said with gadgad – ′′ You ran to help us. You have taken this noble task in your hand, you have stood behind us, it is your best gesture.

Anti-India ideologies have been making efforts since the beginning to pit Hindus against each other on the basis of caste discrimination and defame the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Shri Guruji gave an interview to the editor of the daily newspaper ‘Navakal’ on January 1, 1969, in which his answers regarding the caste system were published distorted. Words which were not used by Shri Guruji, such confusing words were included by the editor in Guruji’s answers. On the basis of that, some politicians tried to tarnish the image of the Sangh and promote caste disharmony in the society. Then Shri Guruji clarified in this regard on February 4, 1969 from Ernakulam itself – “caste-caste, poverty, richness, literate, etc. Bringing everyone together without thinking of illiterate, scholar etc., this is the task of the Sangh. I can never like anything that disturbs this purpose. Politicians who speak the language of progressiveness are doing work to create fear in the society only for their political interests”.

Shri Guruji has given the answer to this in an interview given to the Organizer on March 8, 1969, as to why this type of propaganda is being done about Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He was asked that there has been a lot of uproar in the last few days regarding your alleged opinion on the caste system. There seems to be some confusion about that. Shri Guruji said with clarity- “There is no such thing as illusion. There are some people who distort my every statement because they know that only the Sangh is a hindrance in their plans to destroy the country”. This statement of Shri Guruji is 100% true. Even today, Sangh remains the target of anti-India and anti-Hindu forces, because they know that Sangh is the main organization of Hindus, they cannot succeed in their conspiracies without weakening or defaming Sangh. That’s why many leaders and so-called progressive intellectuals have made it their sole aim to spread bad propaganda about the Sangh on the basis of baseless facts.

Shri Guruji used to say the same thing in his speeches and in personal communication with the workers that “We are all one within the Sangh Hindu society divided into different varnas and sub-castes, Hindus are the sons of Mother India, all are equal, no one is higher, this feeling has arisen. Kar is engaged in the work of creating a monogamous, united Hindu society. If we can build this monogamous, united Hindu society, then we can say that we have achieved success in this life”. This thought and call of Shri Guruji is the aim of all RSS volunteers.

-Lokendra Singh

(The author is a freelance commentator.)

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