Mahabharata’s Bhim Dhoom in WWE ring, Ranbir Kapoor was beaten a lot by being loud in Brahmastra


Being a part of tag team in WWE

Sourav also formed a tag team in WWE with Indian wrestler Veer Mahan. The name of this team was The Indus Lions but later both Sourav and Veer Mahan parted ways. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was also a part of the tag team for a while with Sourav and Veer Mahan.

Ranbir Kapoor was harassed in Brahmastra

Ranbir Kapoor was harassed in Brahmastra

Apart from WWE, Sourav Gurjar has appeared in Bollywood films. He appeared as the villain in the last release Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra. He had a strong character in this film.

Bhim has played the character in Mahabharata

Bhim has played the character in Mahabharata

Not only in films, Sourav has also appeared in TV serials. He has also appeared in the religious TV serial Mahabharata in 2013 on Star Plus. His character in the Mahabharata was that of Pandava son Bhima. After this, in the year 2016, he played the role of Ravana and Bali in the serial Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman Serial.

Sourav’s father has also been a wrestler

Sourav's father has also been a wrestler

Saurav Gurjar, who has a huge body of seven feet tall, has been fond of wrestling since childhood. His father and uncle have also been associated with wrestling in his family. He took wrestling training from his father and uncle and is now showing his prowess in the WWE ring.

Sourav Gurjar’s diet is tremendous

Sourav Gurjar's diet is tremendous

Sourav is very serious about his fitness. This is the reason that his diet is also tremendous. Sourav drinks one liter of milk daily in the morning. Along with this eat 45 soaked almonds. At the same time, he eats six potato parathas for breakfast, while he drinks one liter of pulses during the day’s lunch. Apart from this, he eats up to two kilos of apples and two dozen oranges daily.

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