‘Main Atal Hoon’ character Pankaj Tripathi surrounded by photographers at the airport. Loktej Entertainment News


The shooting of the film ‘Main Atal Hoon’ based on the life of former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been completed. In this regard, director Ravi Jadhav and actor Pankaj Tripathi, who plays Atal Bihari in the film, have shared a post on social media. It was shot over 45 days at various locations including Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur and Lucknow. The last scene took place in Mumbai.

Recently Ravi Jadhav and Pankaj Tripathi also shared this video for the fans. After this, recently actor Pankaj Tripathi and his family were seen at the airport. Although Pankaj Tripathi always keeps himself and his family away from the limelight, but this time the actor’s behavior has won the hearts of the people. When Pankaj and his family reached the airport, several media photographers asked him for a family photo. While doing this, Pankaj’s family and especially his wife felt strange, so they requested the photographers not to take their pictures. During this, he explained very calmly and lovingly to the people who took photographs.

During this, Pankaj requested, “I am an actor, take as many photos of me as you want, but not family photos.” Pankaj Tripathi told this thing very politely and after seeing this, no one insisted him for a photo. In this video, Pankaj Tripathi is clearly seen wearing a simple kurta and pajama.

Pankaj Tripathi’s film based on the life of Atal Bihari is set to release on December 25. This day marks the birth anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, so now the audience is curious about this film.

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