makeup tips for monsoon do makeup like this in the rain onlookers will be stunned mkh


makeup Make sure to use ice cube on the face before applying. By applying ice before makeup, your makeup will last for a long time. Before using cream base products, also think that it should be used at least. Due to high humidity, use such products only after blending them well. To make the makeup last longer, use it mixed with powdered things. Using setting powder will make the makeup last longer. Use a large brush to apply setting powder.

By applying bold lip color in the rainy season, your attractive makeup look will emerge. Nowadays there is a wide range of water proof lipsticks in the market. You can use the shades of your choice that suit you.

Avoid heavy makeup to avoid problems caused by humidity in monsoon. Take special care of the skin. Excessive sweating due to humidity can also lead to skin infections. That’s why don’t apply more foundation.

Those whose skin is oily, use astringent lotion or powder before applying foundation, this will make the makeup last longer. Getting wet will not cause any harm to the face.

After applying face powder, press the face with a wet sponge. This will set the face powder and last longer.

Use compact powder to get smooth finishing.

Use only waterproof eyeshadow for eye makeup. Use gel instead of eyebrow pencil. Avoid using cream based eyeshadow.

Do not use glossy and creamy lipsticks in the rain. Matte lipstick is more correct in this season.

Don’t apply wet bindi in rain, if wet bindi is applied in rain, it will start flowing when it gets wet in water. You can choose a beautiful bindi from the one with waterproof stickers, gems and kundan available in the market.

Those who have tanned skin can get an attractive look by following some special tips. In this season tanning comes on the skin of many women, they apply more or less foundation than one shade to hide it. But this should not be done, always apply matching foundation with your skin tone, also keep in mind that the foundation should be matching with the color of your neck. Foundation should always be waterproof in rainy season. If you do not have waterproof foundation, then you should apply a setting spray at the end of the makeup, so that it becomes long lasting. You should avoid applying brown blusher as it will make your skin look dark and patchy. Shades of light pink color will suit you a lot in monsoon.

Avoid using highlighter because in this season the skin already looks very oily and if you use highlighter then it will look even more shiny.

To remove makeup, clean the face with face wash.

To remove waterproof makeup, use a soft towel soaked in warm water.

Coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil can be used to remove waterproof makeup.

You can also opt for milk cleanser.

Make sure to moisturize and hydrate your skin after makeup.

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