manisha rani bigg boss ott 2, listen sister, there is no ‘no’ for men either! Bigg Boss contestants manisha rani to rakhi sawant arshi khan crossed limit in flirting


No means no, in the last three-four years there have been very strong voices regarding the consent of the girls. But in the recent times, many such incidents were seen where the girls themselves were seen kissing or touching the male actors defying the consent of the men. Due to this, a new debate has also arisen on social media about gender equality that after all, men don’t even exist.

‘Tum humne bhav do na do, hum tumhare pechay nahi chhodenge’, is how favorite contestant Manisha Rani of Salman Khan-hosted controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2 lashed out at fellow contestant JD Hadid from day one. Bihar star Manisha does not leave any chance to tease or flirt with this Gabru Lebanese actor. Even in the beginning, JD was quite uncomfortable with Manisha flirting like this, making provocative moves and touching her. He strictly asked Manisha not to do so. From trying to escape by calling her a sister to nominating her in anger, but Manisha stuck to her mission.

However, this funny and bold style of Manisha is also tempting, due to which she has now compromised with JD as well. But recently, when Tajikistani singer Abdu Rojik came to promote his song in Bigg Boss OTT 2, even then Manisha kissed him on the cheek. Then even during a task, Manisha forcibly kissed him many times, which Abdu didn’t like at all. He termed Manisha’s act as a ‘forced kiss’. Now just think in reverse of these two characters, what would have happened if there was a 19-year-old girl in place of Abdu and a 30-year-old man had kissed her forcefully like this? This would have been termed as sheer molestation, but since Manisha is a girl, she probably has assumed that how can her flirting, touching-kissing cause problems to the boys?

manisha rani jad hadid

Boys must have liked all this? Stocking, coercion, molestation, these words are made only for girls, but sorry Manisha Rani, boys have neither. Not only Manisha, in the last few days many such incidents were seen, where girls were seen trying to touch, kiss male celebrities forcefully, without thinking that what they are doing is a kind of coercion, If a boy does the same thing with them, then maybe they will complain to the police.

abhinav shukla arshi khan

Abhinav Shukla Arshi Khan

Aditya, even Shahrukh became victims

A few days back, a video of actor Aditya Roy Kapoor went viral, where a woman tries to kiss him repeatedly despite Aditya’s refusal. When Aditya discreetly tries to push her away, she kisses his hand. Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan, who had gone to an event in Dubai, was suddenly kissed by a girl. At the same time, during a promotional event, a girl was seen pulling Ranbir Kapoor by his cheek. Imagine, Kareena Kapoor, Ananya Pandey or Alia Bhatt would have been there instead of Aditya, Shahrukh, Ranbir and if the male fans had done the same thing, they would have probably gone to jail, but these female fans did not have to face any consequences. That’s why, the debate on gender equality also started on social media. Many social media users called it harassment and molestation. One questioned whether a man would get away with kissing Madhuri Dixit or Kareena Kapoor Khan like that, while another wrote, “Definitely there is less hue and cry when female fans touch or kiss male stars.” I hope that one day there will be a strong talk on the harassment of men as well.

shahrukh and salman khan

shahrukh khan salman khan

How can one’s wrong be the other’s right?

It is also reasonable, the thing which is wrong for one gender, how can it be right for the other. Maybe sometimes these fans get carried away with emotions or maybe these girls think that how can male actors feel bad if they hug, kiss or touch? They would love it but they forget that the thing called consent is not the property of only women. Men have equal rights on that and touching, hugging or kissing a man without his consent is equally wrong.

abhinav shukla rakhi sawant

Abhinav Shukla Rakhi Sawant

Arshi and Rakhi also made a record of flirting

Before Manisha Rani, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant have also been seen flirting with their married male fellow contestants in different seasons of Bigg Boss. While Arshi kept teasing Hiten Tejwani even after he refused, Rakhi Sawant kept teasing Bigg Boss 12 winner Rubika Dilayak’s husband Abhinav Shukla. Rubina and Rakhi also had a fight regarding this.

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