Manoj Pandey’s rebellion has worsened the equations of SP as well as Congress in UP.

When Bania, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Kayasthas and even Ram devotees have no importance or place in the love of Samajwadi Party’s PDA (Backward, Dalit Minorities), then why will they vote for Samajwadi Party? Why would the leaders of the said community also like to stay in the Samajwadi Party? Among the Samajwadi Party MLAs who rebelled in the Rajya Sabha elections, there are 5-6 leaders whose only resentment with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav is that he is ignoring their communities and does not respect their favorite Lord Shri Ram. If Samajwadi Party does not change its nature, it may have to suffer the consequences in the Lok Sabha elections. Like assembly elections, voices of rebellion may erupt in the party at the time of Lok Sabha elections also. Then neither SP nor Congress will be saved from its flames. Due to this politics of SP Congress, the stronghold of Gandhi family in Rae Bareli seems to be in trouble.

The political activity in Rae Bareli has once again increased after the resignation of SP MLA from Unchahar Assembly constituency Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey from the post of Chief Whip of the Legislative Assembly. After this decision of Manoj, not only the politics of the stronghold of Gandhi family will change, but new equations will also be created in the coming time. This political change matters for Rahul Gandhi because he is likely to contest elections from Amethi. Due to the way the ruling Left party has laid a strong siege against Rahul Gandhi in Kerala’s Wayanad parliamentary constituency, Rahul’s chances of winning from there do not look very good. This happened while Indi is involved in an alliance with the Left Congress.

Manoj, who rebelled against SP and joined BJP, has the image of a strong Brahmin leader. This is the reason why he remained with full influence in SP also. In such a situation, the party he joins will get full benefit in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Although, during the 2022 assembly elections in the state, there was talk in the political streets that Manoj Kumar Pandey was going to take some new political decision, but at that time this speculation backfired. Manoj contested the assembly elections from SP and scored a hat-trick while winning. SP had elevated the status of Manoj and appointed him the Chief Whip of the Legislative Assembly. Even before the Lok Sabha elections, Manoj gave a shock to SP by resigning from the post of Chief Whip and also cross-voted in the Rajya Sabha elections.

After the resignation, there is speculation that Manoj will join BJP. However, whichever party Manoj joins, it is sure to make a difference in the politics of Rae Bareli-Amethi. The reason is the good number of Brahmin voters in Rae Bareli and Amethi. Here Brahmin voters play a decisive role. Manoj is considered to have influence not only among Brahmins but also among the voters of other communities. This was the reason why BJP had used its full strength in the 2022 assembly elections, but it was successful in winning the elections.

Manoj will be trump card for BJP

After conquering Amethi Fort, this time it is Rae Bareli’s turn. This phrase has been on the lips of BJP leaders for the last five years. Winning the Rae Bareli seat has been BJP’s mission since 2014, but the party could not succeed in it. After the defeat of Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in the year 2019, the morale of BJP people is high. He feels that saffron will wave in Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency in 2024. This was the reason why BJP was continuously trying to help Manoj Pandey, in which it has now got success. BJP can also make Manoj Pandey contest the Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli.

After MP Sonia Gandhi going to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan, there is doubt over Gandhi family contesting elections from Rae Bareli seat. Be it the Congress high command or the district officials, no one is able to talk openly. Everyone is silent on the Congress candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Same is the condition of BJP also. Although many leaders are claiming to contest the elections, but BJP needs a candidate who can hoist the flag in Rae Bareli like Amethi. In the year 2019, BJP had fielded the current Minister of State (Independent Charge) Dinesh Pratap Singh, but he could not win. This time BJP is looking for a strong leader. This search of the party can also be fulfilled in the form of Manoj, Manoj also seems ready for this.

-Ajay Kumar

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