Many houses razed to the ground by another earthquake of 6.3 magnitude in western Afghanistan, 80 people injured

People had not yet recovered from the devastation caused by the powerful earthquake that took the lives of more than 2000 people and turned many villages into ruins in Herat province of Afghanistan last Saturday. On Wednesday morning, an earthquake struck the same western part of the country. Then, due to the tremors of an equally powerful earthquake (6.3 magnitude), many houses were razed to the ground and at least 80 people were injured. An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude was felt in western Afghanistan in the morning. The US Geological Survey said the epicenter of Wednesday’s earthquake was at a depth of 10 kilometers underground, on the outskirts of Herat, 28 kilometers away from Herat, the capital of Herat province.

Information Ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid Rayan said at least 80 people were injured in Wednesday morning’s earthquake, while landslides blocked the Herat-Torghondi highway. About 700 houses in Chahak village were razed to the ground due to the earthquake. Aid group Doctors Without Borders said 117 injured people were brought to Herat Regional Hospital after Wednesday’s earthquake. Earlier on Saturday, a strong earthquake in this area had killed more than 2,000 people and destroyed villages, but the houses of Chahak village were not damaged by this earthquake.

At present, there is no news of any loss of life due to the earthquake because all the people here are living in camps since the earthquake on Saturday. The epicenter of Saturday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake was 40 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital. Since that earthquake, there have been several strong tremors in the area. Taliban officials said more than 2,000 people had died and thousands were injured across Herat in Saturday’s earthquake, but they did not provide the exact number of dead and injured. Earlier around 2,500 people lived in Naib Rafi village. People said that at the time of the earthquake no one survived except the men who had gone out for work. People are busy digging big graves for mass burial of dead bodies.

In Zinda Jan district, debris from the field is being removed with bulldozers so that graves can be made in a row. The Taliban said that at least two thousand houses in 20 villages have been destroyed. There is just one government hospital in the earthquake affected area. Aid group Doctors Without Borders said the number of people arriving at Herat Regional Hospital with injuries from Wednesday’s earthquake stood at 117. Deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq said on Tuesday that Zinda was the worst affected by the earthquake, where 1,300 people were killed and at least 500 were missing.

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