Many new rules will be seen in World Cup 2023, round robin format, boundary more than 70 meters, see special report

world cup 2023 (ICC World Cup 2023) has started. Today the teams of England and New Zealand will face each other in the first match. A day before the start of the World Cup, the captains of all the 10 teams were seen together at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad; it was the occasion of Captain’s Day. Not everyone took pictures on this occasion and made a great start to the World Cup. Many changes will be seen in this World Cup. The tournament will be played with many new rules.

Fours and sixes will not yield results

The boundary count rule played an important role in the World Cup 2019. When the final match and super over between England and New Zealand was tied, the result was based on the boundary count rule. England became champion because of scoring the most boundaries. This time there will be no these rules. Super overs will be bowled again and again until the result is out.

There will be no boundary of less than 70 meters

ICC has prepared a ‘protocol’ for pitch curators of various venues. There will not be much grass on the pitch and the size of the boundary will not be less than 70 meters.

there will be no soft signal

ICC has abolished the soft signal rule since June this year. Actually, soft signal is a visual communication from the umpire standing at the bowling end to the third umpire. In which the on-field umpire gives his decision, then takes the umpire’s review (third umpire review) on the same decision.

Matches will be held in round robin format

Along with host India, the teams of Australia, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will play nine matches each against each other in the round-robin format. The teams in the top-4 after 45 matches will make it to the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals will face each other in the final.

42 matches day-night including final

A total of 48 matches will be played including the final. Of these, 42 matches will be day-night. There will be only six matches per day. Day-night matches will start from 2 pm, while day matches will start from 10:30 am. The broadcast will be on Star Sports.

Reserve day only in semi-finals and finals

If the league stage match is canceled due to rain or any other reason, then both the teams will get 1 point each. If the semi-final and final matches are canceled or stopped, the matches will be played on the reserve day the next day.

In case of cancellation of reserve day

If the semi-final match could not be completed even on the reserve day, then the team having a better position in the points table would qualify for the final, whereas, if the final match could not be completed even on the reserve day, then both the teams would be declared joint winners.

There will be risk of rain on the first few matches

Due to rain, both India’s practice matches had to be cancelled. However, the monsoon is now on the verge of ending. There is a possibility of risk of rain on some matches played before October 15. There is an ‘El Nino’ ​​storm situation over the Pacific Ocean.

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