Many shortcomings were found in Air India’s internal safety, in 13 cases it was accused of making fake reports.


New Delhi: Air India’s internal safety audit has found several lapses. It is being investigated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) team. According to the report submitted to DGCA, the airline was supposed to check routine safety issues in cabin surveillance, cargo, ramp and load, but during surprise inspection, the team found that the airline had prepared fake reports in all 13 cases. When the team verified through CCTV, recording, audit statement, shift register documents, the report was found to be fake. Moreover, the signature of the Chief of Flight Security (CFS) was also absent on these forged investigation reports.

A two-member probe team from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has identified deficiencies in Air India’s internal safety audit procedures. The two-member team of DGCA said in its report that “on comparison with CCTV footage, recordings, statements of audited persons, shift register documents, GD list, Passengers Detail List, it is understood that the above 13 on-the Spot checking was done only at Mumbai, Goa and Delhi stations, whereas in reality it was not done.

Here the branding work of Air India is going on. Air India is now preparing to call the Maharaja as Tata as a mascot. Now Maharaja can be seen in another role. The Tata Group had bought Air India in January last year and since then the strategy of revamping it is underway. Air India aspires to be the preferred airline of the common people in the country. There will also be a large number of business and corporate executives among its passengers.

The turban-wearing Maharaja with the big moustache, has his own success story. But that doesn’t match with today’s customers. Futurebrand, a London-based branding and design consultancy firm, has been roped in to develop Air India’s branding strategy.

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