Massive protests in Gilgit Baltistan In PoK Pakistan people chanting we will go to Kargil Na Sindh, Na Punjab, open the way to Kargil, we will go there…


Muzaffarabad: It seems that Pakistan’s time is not going well. This neighbor of India is surrounded by all kinds of troubles. The political crisis had already become a big problem and on top of that the poor economy added fuel to the fire. The country is trying to deal with its own problems and on the other hand massive protests in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and people’s appeal to leave the country instead of India are adding to its difficulties.

all is not well in pok
The videos that are coming out now clearly show that all is not well in Gilgit-Baltistan. Massive protests and slogans against the country are being held by the people in the area. People gathered in large numbers in the Skadu area to protest against the Pakistani authorities. A man can be heard threatening that he will break down the doors and go to Kargil.

The video that came on 25th August is enough to tell how bad is the condition of Gilgit-Baltistan coming in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). In the video, Wazir Hasnain, a social worker from the area, says, ‘We will not go to your Sindh, we will not go to your Punjab. We do not want to live in your country, open the way to Kargil, we will go to Kargil.

let’s go to kargil
Locals can also be heard raising slogans of ‘Chalo, Chalo Kargil Chalo’ in the video. There is no report of these protests in the Pakistani media. These demonstrations have been going on in the area for more than a week. This is because of the registration of an FIR against Agha Baqir al-Hussaini, a respected Shia cleric in the region. The authorities booked him for his comments made at an Ulema Council meeting in Skadu. The meeting was held to discuss Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. This law is considered by many to target the Shia community.

army deployment orders
On 30 August, it was said that the authorities would remove the protesters and restore smooth movement on the highways. The Gilgit-Baltistan government has now decided to deploy the Pakistan Army to ensure security. This decision has been taken in a high level meeting chaired by the Chief Minister here. It was also decided to deploy Rangers, GB Scouts and FC personnel in major cities of the region. Section 144 has been invoked immediately to end illegal gatherings and road blocks. It was also decided in the meeting that strict action would be taken against those who insult the beliefs and holy persons of any religion in public gatherings.

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