Meet the royal person of Gwalior who lives in a 400 crores 400 crores house, this is the net worth…


Yuvraj Mahanaaryaman Scindia: Yuvraj Mahanaryaman Scindia of Gwalior is BJP MP, son of Gwalior’s royal family and Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. He is known as Aryaman among his friends and family. He divides his time between Gwalior and Delhi. He also runs two startups that are becoming increasingly successful.

27 year old Aryaman is music and food lover

Aryaman, 27, is a graduate of Yale University. Mahanaryaman Scindia passed out from US College in 2019. He worked with the Boston Consulting Group but left. He is music and food lover. Therefore, he has also opened a music festival called Simbal. He has also opened a cultural event called Pravas, which includes food, music, heritage and culture. The cost of experiencing this is between Rs 75000 to Rs 2 lakh per person.

Also started a company named MyMandi

Mahanaryaman Scindia also started a company named MyMandi. The company is an online aggregator that delivers fresh vegetables and fruits sourced from the push-carter community. His startup works on the model of scale. They buy goods in bulk. He buys a lot of vegetables, packs them and sends them to the push-cart owners. They are working in four cities – Jaipur, Nagpur, Gwalior and Agra.

The company’s revenue is now Rs 1 crore per month.

The revenue of his company is now Rs 1 crore per month. They are targeting a revenue of Rs 5 crore per month by the end of the year. According to Fortune, he had received funding of Rs 4.2 crore in July last year.

The world’s largest carpet in the Durbar Room

He lives in a palace that has 400 rooms and is estimated to cost around Rs 4,000 crore. The Durbar room of the house has the world’s largest carpet. Mahanaryaman Scindia is also a member of the state cricket board. This palace is situated in the center of Gwalior. This is the residence of the Scindia family. It is spread over 124771 square feet. It is three storeyed.

Jai Vilas Mahal was built in 1874 by Jayajirao Scindia.

According to the election affidavit, Jyotiraditya Scindia’s total assets were Rs 379 crore. Jai Vilas Mahal was built in 1874 by Jayajirao Scindia. He was the ruler of Gwalior. It has now become the Jivajirao Scindia Museum. It was designed by Sir Michael Philos. It was built for Rs 1.1 crore. The area of ​​the garden is one square mile.

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