Mehboob Studio created the city of Kolkata for Alia Bhatt so that she is not far away from her daughter!

Mumbai : Actress Alia Bhatt tries her best to stay and work on the set as much as possible, Alia had a flurry of work in the journey from pregnancy to giving birth to a daughter. That’s why after some time of becoming a mother, Alia started working and did not want to be far away from her daughter, that’s why Kolkata city was made and shot for Alia in Mehboob Studio, located next to her house in Bandra, Alia’s favorite ad.

The production house of Lucifer Circus founder and actor Gaurav Chanana brings the biggest offering of the year. Yes, a famous hair care brand that Vidya Balan was associated with for 13 years will now be replaced by Alia Bhatt’s face. This is the first ad film with Alia of Lucifer Circus which is very much liked by the people. In this ad of Nihar Shanti Amla, Alia is looking very beautiful and her hairdo is looking amazing.

The ad is directed by renowned filmmaker, Abhishek Varman. While shooting the ad, care was taken that Alia could shoot near her home in Mumbai so that she could reach her daughter whenever needed, hence the set of this ad was made at Mehboob Studio in Bandra and the entire feel was shot in Kolkata. has been placed so as to cinematically capture the essence and charm of Kolkata.

Gaurav Channa, the visionary creator behind this project, is sure that this ad campaign, which features Alia Bhatt as the brand ambassador, is enough to create ripples in the hair care industry. The amalgamation of tradition and modernity with compelling storytelling and soulful tunes is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences across the country. Director of Photography (DOP), V. Manikandan has skillfully brought the ad film to life by capturing the essence of Alia Bhatt’s charm and picturesque settings.

A notable aspect of this advertising campaign is the creation of two versions of the advertisement, one in Hindi and the other in Bengali. Both the productions are packed with catchy tunes, enthralling the audience with their soulful melodies and heartwarming narratives. The Bengali edit includes a mesmerizing Bengali folk song that embraces the regional heritage and deeply connects with audiences in Bengal and beyond.

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