Men’s Health Week: Don’t ignore male fertility problems, know what doctors say


Due to excessive work, many men ignore their health. Which affects other parts of life as well. Because of which many times there is a problem of infertility.

Due to the busy lifestyle, nowadays most of the men ignore their health. Due to which their health affects other parts of life as well. Explain that due to poor health, the reproductive health of men is also affected. In fact, most men do not openly talk about reproductive health. But like overall health, fertility intake is also considered as important. By paying attention to reproductive health, male fertility and many types of sexually transmitted infections can also be avoided. Let us know why it is necessary for men to pay attention to reproductive health.

reproductive health

To prevent the problem of infertility, it is very important to have better reproductive health in men. It can be linked to some problems like low sperm count or blockage in the path of sperm and disorders in men’s semen. Apart from this, smoking, alcohol, poor diet and lack of exercise etc. can be included in the cause of infertility.

symptoms of infertility

Explain that the problem of infertility can be caused by ignoring reproductive health. At the same time, men also avoid talking about infertility. Having this problem makes it difficult to have a physical relationship. For example, lack of sexual desire and ejaculation problems and men with erectile dysfunction etc. are included. Apart from this, there may also be problems of pain, swelling, and lumps etc. in the testicle.

screening for reproductive problems

If the disease is identified in time, then its seriousness can also be removed. In the investigation of the problem related to reproductive health, the patient’s blood test, family medical history and sperm test etc. are done. Along with this, in the sperm test, sperm count, sperm motility is also checked and information about the problem is taken.

treatment of reproductive problems

In the treatment of this problem, doctors first make changes in the lifestyle of the patient. On the other hand, if infection is found in the reproductive tract of men, then antibiotics are given to the patient. At the same time, medicines are also given to get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Along with this, testicular sperm extraction technique is adopted in case of oligospermia, azoospermia and blockage in the testis.

Let us tell you that in today’s time new technology like IVF has come to solve this problem. Through which infertility can be removed. Along with this, it is advised to do yoga and exercise. According to health experts, the mistake of ignoring any reproductive related problem should not be made. Because this problem can increase further. Men should immediately consult a doctor if they feel a problem with reproductive health.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.

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