Meta to use AI to combat fake news on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

meta use ai to fight fake news

Meta, the parent company of popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, considers the security of users to be ‘extremely important’. Meta’s India head Sandhya Devanathan has said this.

meta news

Meta’s vice president in India said the social media giant is using AI extensively to combat misinformation.

Fake News Fact Check

Devanathan, who is Meta’s vice president in India, said that the security of users is an area where the company has invested heavily. He said that META will continue its efforts for integrity in elections. Significantly, the Lok Sabha elections are to be held in the country next year.

meta to fight fake news

The vice president of Meta in India mentioned Meta’s strategy to curb misinformation and hate speech on its platform, saying that technology is being used for this. He said that artificial intelligence (AI) has been a great tool to curb misinformation.

meta plans fight misinformation

He said that Meta in India has content moderators in more than 20 languages, who actively work to ensure that harmful content does not remain on its platform.

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According to a PTI-language report, Devanathan said that Meta has partnered with 11 fact checkers in multiple languages ​​in India and also prioritizes education and user awareness.

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