Mia Khalifa: ‘Playboy’ dated Mia Khalifa! Lost job due to ‘Tya’ post after Israel attack

Pudhari Online Desk: Mia Khalifa is seen supporting Palestine. Ekapathopath (Ekapathopath) The sessions to remove the mess from one of the companies have just started. Adult magazine Playboy has also announced that she has been hired.

The adult magazine Playboy has confirmed the deal with actress Mia Khalifa. Citing her candid social media posts showing support for Palestine and Hamas during the Israel-Hamas war. In one request, the magazine condemned Caliphate’s comments as “abhorrent and condemnable”, specifically noting his condemnation of terrorist attacks on Israel. Actress Mia Khalifa is in big trouble for supporting Palestine during the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Miala previously worked as a Canadian broadcaster and radio host under the company name Karantoon Alyache. Here comes another company, where it is being launched. Due to this, supporting Palestine in the conflict between Israel and Palestine is seen as a major mistake.

Mia Khalifa’s controversial post

Mia Khalifa is currently facing many criticisms due to her post. He posted a message on social media platforms expressing solidarity with Hamas terrorists. His message calling on Palestinians to stand up was quickly noticed and interpreted at various levels.

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