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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while interacting with the countrymen in the 109th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ this year, said that Ram’s rule was also a source of inspiration for the makers of the country’s constitution. That is why on January 22, in Ayodhya, I spoke to Dev to the country and Ram to the nation. The PM said that the Pran Pratistha ceremony has brought crores of people of the country together. Everyone’s devotion is the same. Ram is in everyone’s heart. On the evening of 22 January, the entire country lit Ram Jyoti and celebrated Diwali. During this period, the collective strength of the country was visible, which is also the basis of our resolve for a developed India. This collective power will take the country to new heights of progress.

The basic reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the minds of the common people of India today is that he is working with the resolve to make India India again. ‘India’ dominated India since the country’s independence struggle and even after independence. By taking the name Bharat we connect with our glorious culture and civilization. Whereas ‘India’ is the identity given to us by the British, taking whose name makes us realize the rule of the Mughals and the British. To free the country from this feeling of slavery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is bringing the story of India in front of the country and the world through his words and actions. When we say that the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans have disappeared from this place, it must be true that we have not disappeared. Modi is finding those reasons and presenting them to the countrymen on which we are both proud and united.

In Bharatgatha, Suryakant Bali has eloquently described all those qualities which the foreigners presented in a new form for their selfish ends. Considering the characteristics of our culture as milestones, litterateur Bali writes, ‘On all those milestones of ours, where correct words were written, I don’t know what else was written on them. It was written on one of our milestones – Sanskrit. It was erased and written there – English. On one of our milestones it was written – Bengali, on another it was written Hindi, on another it was written Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Dogri, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Siraiki. Everything was written in chalk – English, English, English. It was written on one of our milestones – Kalidas. It was erased and written there – Shakespeare. It was written on one of our milestones – Kuchipudi. It was erased and written there – Rock. It was written on one – Veena. It was erased and written there as ‘Guitar’. That means we had written something or the other on each of our milestones. But it was erased or spoiled. On one we had written – Shankaracharya. Its meaning was written there – the end of Buddhists. Kabir was written on one. A letter was written near him – Hindu or Muslim? And with the help of these milestones, we were moving towards achieving our nation called Bharatvarsha, and when we found that milestone on which we were told for thousands of years that it would be written – Bharatvarsha, but when we reached there, we found it written -India. And when we fought for freedom to make that India our Bharatvarsha, we got the result – India and Pakistan. And when we started laying the milestones to make the remaining India Bharatvarsha again, suddenly a milestone emerged from the ground – We are Dravidians, we will not tolerate the hegemony of Hindi and North India. Suddenly another stone came out of the ground, on which it was written – We are so and so and want to separate from India. Some other stones with similar inscriptions also came to light and we were forced to read them. So two things happened. Nothing is written on the milestone by itself. It is written with effort. They do not come out of the ground on their own. They have to try and bury them. If we have got a special kind of milestones to study and after digging a little land, we find a special kind of milestones there, then it is obvious that there is a need to spoil the milestones of India, to spoil them, and to remove some dangerous milestones. Attempts to bury it underground for future release have been made successfully. other thing. After reading these fake milestones, we become engrossed in them and cannot recover, our hearts, minds, emotions and thoughts become the same, complete arrangements have been made for this. This means that like the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, we too will disappear from this place, and very complete arrangements have been made for this.

The present Modi government is not doing anything else but is finding those milestones of India and reestablishing them as per the story of India and writing on them. So that the writings of fake milestones do not overpower us because if this happens, then the danger of extinction like Egypt and Rome will loom over the heads of our future generations. Modi and his allies are active only to end this threat. This is the basic reason for the popularity of Prime Minister Modi which his opponents are not able to understand.

-Irwin Khanna, Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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