Minister’s claim, petrol will be prepared from these things including sugarcane, stubble, the price will be 15 rupees a liter


New Delhi (Best Hindu News)- In the coming time, petrol will be available in the country at Rs 15 per litre. This has been claimed by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.

He said that in the coming times, the farmer will not only be a provider of food, but also a provider of energy, because this whole process will be done by the farmers of the country. Nitin Gadkari said- I am launching Toyota company’s vehicles in August. All these vehicles will run on ethanol prepared by the farmers. 60% ethanol, 40% electricity and then its average will be caught, then the price of petrol will be Rs 15 per litre. There is an import of 16 lakh crore rupees. Now this money will go to the farmers.

Explain that E20 petrol i.e. petrol mixed with ethanol is a type of alcohol, which is made from fermentation of starch and sugar. For this sugarcane juice, maize, rotten potatoes, rotten vegetables, sweet beet, sorghum, bamboo or straw are used. Stubble is called the husk of wheat and rice. Since all these things are done in the fields, that is why Gadkari said that only the farmers will give this energy. This will reduce the price of E20 petrol. It can be used in vehicles.

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