Mivi S300 Review: Perfect for loud music and high bass – mivi s300 soundbar review with high base and clear music


  • Price – 11,999 thousand rupees

Mivi has recently launched a new soundbar. This soundbar has been introduced under the name mivi S300. Let us know that the company had earlier launched the mivi S200 soundbar. However, has launched mivi s300 soundbar with some new features and innovative sound quality. In such a situation, the question arises that what is the difference between the two soundbars. As it is known, MIVI S300 is the latest launched soundbar. In this case its cost is high. But which soundbar should you buy? Will know this in today’s review..

If we talk about the design, then there is no significant change in the design of Mivi S300. Its design is similar to the Mivi S200. It has a soundbar and a sub-buffer. Metallic frame has been given in the soundbar. Metallic grill is also given in the front of the soundbar. Also some buttons are given on one edge.

While the connectivity buttons are given at the back. An LED light indicator has been given in the front, which shows pairing and other modes. The design of this sound system has been kept very neat and clean, which I liked very much.

what is special
The good thing about the Mivi S300 is that it comes with a subwoofer with wireless connectivity. There is no need to keep the subwoofer with the soundbar in Ace. The absence of wired connectivity makes it much easier to accommodate the soundbar and subwoofer in the home space. To connect the same subwoofer with the sound bar, just press the power button twice.

Talking about sound quality, four 2.25-inch drivers have been given in the soundbar. While an 8-inch single driver has been given in the subwoofer. The audio quality of the soundbar is quite good. If you like listening to loud music, then the soundbar will not disappoint you. The performance of the subwoofer has also been very good. During music or audio with high bass, the performance comes out quite well.

mivi s300 2

We got to experience a lot of music and movies in the speaker. During this the sound output has been quite good. There is not much vibration in the soundbar during loud music. Also the words do not overlap. The Mivi Soundbar 300 has a sound output of 300W. Also, 2.1 channel bar has been supported. In such a situation, there is no chance of any complaint about the Mivi S300 in terms of performance.

remote controlled
A remote control is provided with the Mivi S300 sound system. Means the sound can be reduced and increased from the remote. Also, the base can be increased. Apart from this, some preset music modes like news and music have been supported, which you can set according to your own with the help of remote. Also, if you want to enjoy 3D music, then its option has been given. Apart from this, EQ modes have also been given. Meaning you will get a chance to experience different types of music and audio.

mivi s300 3

Talking about other connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 support has been given in it. Apart from this, support for HDMI, Optical, AUX and USB has been given. Meaning you can easily connect the soundbar to TV, mobile or any other device.

our decision
If your budget is 12 thousand rupees, and you want to buy a good sound system, then Mivi S300 can be a good option. Because many music modes have been given in it. Also the sound is crystal clear. Apart from this, high base support has been given. In this way you get a great experience of music. In this case, it becomes a perfect home audio system. But if your budget is a bit less, then you should consider other options as well.

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