Modi changed the fate and picture of border villages, this time people of border villages are doing online shopping extensively during festivals.


E-commerce companies are in full swing during the festive season because with the times, the whole of India has become digital and not only the big cities but also the small towns, cities, villages and even the villages near the borders. People are taking advantage of online shopping. The way people from border villages are coming forward in large numbers this time to take advantage of the Big Billion Sale of e-commerce companies reflects the growing and changing India. Let us tell you that Hayuliang in Arunachal Pradesh, Haroa in West Bengal, Choglamsar in Ladakh and Longewala and Tanot near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan are among those small towns or villages which are enthusiastically participating in the celebration of online shopping on festivals. Are happening. People living in these areas are also placing orders extensively on shopping platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and Meesho. E-commerce companies say that this time people from Kutch in Gujarat, Churachandpur in Manipur, Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir and Shirwal in Maharashtra also shopped online and were happy to have the products delivered to these areas. If seen, the way the Modi government has expanded communication and connectivity facilities in the border villages as part of the development being done through the Vibrant Village Campaign, it has made it easier for the people of these areas to do online shopping.

Let us tell you that at present the maximum number of sales on e-commerce websites is coming from small cities and towns, hence companies are also strengthening their supply chains here and expanding the delivery network. Many companies have also signed agreements with shopkeepers at the local level due to which people are benefiting. Like Flipkart partners with grocery store owners locally to make delivery faster and easier across the country. Local grocery stores have better knowledge of the routes in the area and can deliver goods to the customer as quickly as possible. Similarly, Amazon has also built its warehouses at various places so that the goods can be delivered as soon as possible.

According to media reports, officials of e-commerce companies say that consumers prefer online shopping due to the wide range of any product, availability of all types of branded goods and the convenience of home delivery. According to reports, Myntra has received more than 40% of the orders this festive season from tier-2 cities or small towns. Similarly, 60% of Meesho’s orders have come from tier three and four cities. According to reports, Amazon received more than 80% of its customers from non-metro cities during the first 48 hours of the festive sale that started on October 8. Of all smartphones sold on the platform during this period, 75% were purchased by customers in smaller cities and towns. Flipkart has also claimed that 63% of its orders during Big Billion Days came from smaller cities. Flipkart also said that the sale has recorded the highest number of women this year compared to previous editions.

Executives of e-commerce websites say the increasing penetration of smartphones is giving customers the convenience of online shopping. Apart from this, everyone is liking to use digital payment service and due to the option of payment after delivery of goods, customers are preferring online shopping. Apart from this, e-commerce companies have made great improvements in the delivery service of goods due to which when online shopping customers write their reviews, others get inspired after reading them. Apart from this, since there is a lack of variety of products in local stores and there is abundance of it on online platforms, people are also doing online shopping. If seen, the increasing spread of online shopping is also making the nationwide reach of various brands easier. Besides, the Vocal for Local campaign is also being promoted through this. While e-commerce companies have provided a market for a large number of local shopkeepers and manufacturers of various types of products by connecting them to their platform, they have made the goods of their need and choice available to the customers at just one click. However, seeing this success, e-commerce companies claim that soon the day will come when online shopping will be done in every village of the country.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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