Modi will continue to prove the resolve he has taken to make India a super power.


India is such an important country in the world, which is rapidly progressing on the path of development in the world by weaving its race, religion, dialect, water, weather, different types of geographical and biological diversities in one thread and soon becoming a developed country, a super power. In line to be included.

In this era of 21st century, there is a dream in the eyes of every patriotic Indian that how to become a developed country as soon as possible and make India proud in the world, it should become such a super power of the world in whose honor every country bows down. However, to make this dream of the countrymen come true, the previous governments of India and the current government are making continuous efforts. But in the year 2014, when Narendra Modi took over the post of Prime Minister of the country, then the countrymen had a lot of hope from him, people felt that now the mission of ‘Super Power India’ will be very fast under the leadership of Narendra Modi. You will get speed. Anyway, looking at the long history and achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits, a clear impression of the mission of ‘Super Power India’ is visible on each of his visits. On the other hand, according to the opinion of most of the people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved to be perfect in realizing his dream of ‘Super Power India’ on the ground, today he has done the work of establishing India’s glory on foreign soil. India’s sting is ringing in different regions of the world today due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effective concrete strategy on the ground for the last nine years in spite of the dreaded Covid period. Today Indians are proudly calling themselves Indians even on foreign lands.

Today, under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the image of India in the world is such that no country can dare to ignore India in any field today. India, while working in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade, education, medicine, technology, research, defence, IT, space etc., has worked to create a unique identity in the world in the areas related to land and water. , which is a very good sign from the point of view of ‘Super Power India’ mission.

This position of India in the world is a great achievement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule. Today, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his cabinet colleagues and people representing India in any country of the world raise their voice for the rights of India and Indians on global forums from time to time. He roars like a lion while talking factually on various forums of the world and the whole world works to listen to him carefully. Seeing this positive situation, every Indian’s chest swells with pride. To fulfill this goal of making the country a super power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently went on a three-day American tour, where he was accorded grand respect, this state visit of Modi is considered very important, because this During this, there have been many very important agreements related to various fields between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden. During this visit, the top leaders of both the countries sat in the White House and held bilateral talks on various issues, and signed eight very important agreements, including very important areas like defence, railways and space. At the same time, during this visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a new record that he has become the first Indian politician to address the joint session of the US Congress on two occasions during a state visit. On the other hand, the repeated clapping of US MPs during his address does a good job of showing his popularity and the growing power of India.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become such a popular personality of the world, whose autograph is being taken by the President himself, which is a very good positive message for us Indians. Anyway, if seen objectively without any prejudice, India has been continuously getting special preference in every international forum under Modi rule, there is hardly any such important forum of the countries of the world where India with its full threat and respectable Not being present properly. It is a miracle of the same courage that today the whole world is discussing the foreign policy of the Modi government along with our countrymen, the countries of the opposition and the parties are also accepting the foreign policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as iron, everyone is beginning to feel It is clear that the mission of Modi’s ‘Super Power India’ is now in proper pace with full control, that’s why along with the countrymen, now even from foreign lands, this echo is heard that – ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’. Anyway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done the task of proving time and again during his foreign tours on the basis of his efficient effective strategy and strong working style that ‘the world bends, we just need to bend it’, which is ‘Super A very good sign for the ‘Power India’ mission.

Deepak Kumar Tyagi

(The author is a senior journalist, columnist and political analyst)

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