“Modi’s guarantee” and “Modi hai to mumkin hai” became mantras of BJP’s victory in Jan Adalat.

Assembly elections have recently been held in five states of the country, as a result of which BJP government has been formed with a huge majority in three out of five states. BJP has formed the government by wresting the state of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh from the Congress Party and has done a good job of retaining the state of Madhya Pradesh, while there has been a record increase in the vote percentage of BJP in the state of Telangana also. However, till a few months before the voting in these three states, the situation was such that the Congress Party government seemed to be formed there. But in the electoral battlefield, on one hand, a few politicians of the Congress party worked hard day and night to make the party lose the won game. At the same time, the top leadership of BJP, sensing the situation in time, has worked to convert the loss into victory on the basis of “Modi’s Guarantee” by organizing the entire election around the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ever since the election results came, an atmosphere of tremendous celebration is going on in BJP, while a round of meetings is going on in other opposition political parties of the country. But I do not think that all these opposition parties are still ready to objectively assess their defeat in the assembly elections and look into their own minds; they are still trying to shirk their responsibilities by blaming their defeat on EVMs. Looks to be in a mood. None of the political parties standing in opposition to Modi are ready to understand that now they need to introspect. But instead of introspecting, he is using EVMs as a shield and hiding behind them.

“However, in these assembly elections, the public has given a clear message to the opposition parties as well as the top leadership of the BJP, the Sangh and other allies of the NDA alliance that Modi’s guarantee is the most effective mantra for electoral victory today, the public needs the Prime Minister. I like Narendra Modi’s policy, intentions, leadership and working style very much.”

If we look at it, there are many such decisions of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. The public also likes Modi’s decisions very much, because Narendra Modi has kept the people waiting for decades. During his tenure, he has made many dreams come true on the ground. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a great job of changing the image of the country in the world through his decisions and changing the destiny of the common and special people of India. Till now, he has laid a network of roads, highways and expressways in the country, laid a network of roads on the borders of the country, equipped the army with modern weapons, constructed AIIMS hospital in different parts of the country, created infrastructure in every region of the country. Strengthening the infrastructure to world class level, rejuvenating ports and railways, building new airports to connect the country by air, providing a large number of houses to the people under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, opening Jan-Dhan accounts, providing water to every household. Plan, starting ‘Make in India’ campaign, running Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, starting Digital India, running Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign in the country, implementing demonetization to curb black money, removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Removing, bringing Triple Talaq Bill, bringing CAA law, implementing GST, running the world’s largest vaccination campaign in the country to protect against Corona, providing free ration to a large population of the country, Ayushman Bharat scheme providing free treatment to the people. Implementation on the ground, bringing PM Swanidhi scheme for street vendors, accelerating development by realizing the dreams of the youth of the country through Startup India scheme, Agneepath scheme, sending Chandrayaan to the South Pole of the Moon, G-20. Hosting the conference, Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman Yojana, Women’s Reservation Bill etc. are some of the historical decisions which have been forever recorded in the pages of history and have left a mark on the hearts and minds of a large section of the people of the country. On the basis of these decisions, India’s image has been strengthened in the world today under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Due to which the people of the country are now working to give mandate for a stable, permanent and dedicated government in the national interest. But the opposition parties are still busy in doing negative politics by harping on North-South India. At the same time, a concrete strategy is being made in BJP to get more than 400 seats this time. She is preparing to contest the Lok Sabha elections on a large scale by talking about Modi’s guarantee and the four majority castes of the country, the poor, women, youth and farmers, eliminating casteist politics from the country.

Anyway, today there is a large section of people in the country who believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing the work of building a tall building very fast by laying the foundation of a modern strong India, due to which investors from India and abroad are now coming to India. New business opportunities are appearing, due to which the economic strength of the country is increasing rapidly, while with the help of this economic strength, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy in making the country’s economy worth five trillion dollars. Instead of just limiting ourselves to statistics, we are using them to bring about radical positive changes on the ground in the everyday lives of the countrymen; the common people of the country are seeing the work being done in their interests on the ground, this is Modi’s guarantee and The slogan ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’ has real meaning in the court of public opinion, this trust of the public on Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the basic mantra of BJP’s victory.

– Deepak Kumar Tyagi

Senior journalist, columnist and political analyst

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