Mount Mary Festival 2023: Mount Mary Festival is about to start, know how long it will last


Mount Mary Festival 2023: In honor of the memory of ‘Mother Mary’, who was born on 8 September; The ‘Mount Mary Festival’, also known as the ‘Bandra Fair’, is held at the ‘Mount Mary Church’ also known as the ‘Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount’ in Bandra, Mumbai.

This festival starts every year on the first Sunday after 8th September as it is considered as the birthday of ‘Virgin Mary’. ‘Mount Mary Fair’, will be organized from September 10 to September 17 this year.

History of Mount Mary Church in Bandra

The history of the church dates back to 1570 AD. It is believed that Portuguese priests were the first to build the chapel. He is given the credit for bringing this statue here. In 1700 AD, this statue was replaced by the statue of ‘Our Lady of Navigators’. The church was renovated and rebuilt in 1761 AD. However, the old statue is still worshiped even after restoration. The Hindu, Christian and Koli residents of this region have great faith in the idol and believe that their sincere prayers will definitely be answered.

Significance of Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church is considered one of the most sacred places for Christians. The Kolis of Bandra call this idol ‘Moti Mauli’ in Marathi which means ‘Mother of Pearl’. Mother Mary holding baby Jesus to her chest is the focal point of this church in Bandra. The Mount Mary Festival has been organized for over 300 years. It is held in the Mount Mary Church premises and the streets around the church. It’s like a carnival with games, music and amusement rides. During the festival, there are stalls that sell exotic dishes of Goan and Maharashtrian culture. They also sell sweets, home made cakes and fudges, chikkis and many other food items. In previous years, about 430 stalls selling candles, flowers, food, toys and artificial jewelery have been set up at the fair. Mount Mary Festival attracts a large number of people from all religions and communities.

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