Movement for Mithila state is not being done on the ground, but in the sky, how will success be achieved?


Flag bearers of Mithila state want Mithila state but they have no concern with other social concerns of Mithila. These agitators stage a sit-in at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for the demand of Mithila state.

The demand for carving out Bihar and creating a separate state of Mithila is gaining momentum again these days. Some organizations and institutions are continuously organizing programs in support of Mithila state. Efforts are being made to connect people with this movement. They are being told that being a Bihari is a curse for them and being a Maithil is a matter of pride for them. Despite this, the participation of the wider public community in this movement is negligible. Despite all the efforts, the supporters of Mithila state have failed to convince the general public till date that Mithila Raj will be for the people of all castes and religions living in the Mithila region. In the eyes of the wider public, Mithila means Brahmin rule. And this has been the biggest obstacle in the construction of Mithila state so far. Efforts are being made to rectify some historical wrongs but success is yet to be achieved.

Small states have been formed in the country on the basis of language and geography. This is correct too The specialty of India is that there are flowers of various colors in its bouquet. No other bouquet in the world has so many and beautiful flowers. There is such a diversity of colors and fragrances that we cannot even compare ourselves with anyone. There is no doubt that in future also small states will be formed which will add glory to the country. But we also have to consider that what is the condition of the pace of development in the small states which have been formed recently? Finding the answer to this question shows that many states have become more sluggish in the journey of development than before. Or his condition remains normal. During this period, there is no big cultural revolution in these states either. In such a situation, there is a need to think again on the formation of these states.

The biggest problem of building Mithila state is that it is still struggling with many contradictions. The biggest problem with the demand for this state is that the general public is not with it. It is going to take a long time to convince the general public that Mithila state will be for all the people living in Mithila. The second biggest problem is regional parties like JDU and RJD who would never want Bihar to be divided. BJP has been talking in support of Mithila state occasionally on spiritual grounds, but seeing the current electoral calculations of Mithila, it also remains silent. Mithila’s electoral math is dominated by my equation. And it is known to all that my equation has traditionally been in favor of RJD in Bihar. On the contrary, among the flag-bearers of Mithila state, there are upper castes and especially Brahmins. Perhaps that is why the echo of the agitations at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar may reach various national channels, but the echo of these agitations does not reach the land of Mithila.

Flag bearers of Mithila state want Mithila state but they have no concern with other social concerns of Mithila. These agitators stage a sit-in at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for the demand of Mithila state. They talk big things, but I do not remember that these agitators have done any small movement regarding Mithila’s age-old problem of flood and migration. Some of these agitators show this daydream to the people that after the formation of Mithila state, these problems will be solved. While problems like flood and migration cannot be solved without the help of the central government. By creating employment, the state government can curb migration to a great extent, but to solve the problem of flood, the cooperation of the central government is necessary. Because all the rivers of Mithila region emerge from Nepal and come to India. Before doing anything on these rivers regarding flood control, the permission of the Government of Nepal will also have to be taken. The state government cannot do the work of making any kind of agreement with any foreign government. For this, the central government will have to take initiative. The meaning is clear that those who are saying that after the formation of Mithila state, the problem like flood will be solved, they are lying.

The second biggest problem is that the people of most of the districts which are being shown in the potential Mithila state do not want to join the Mithila state. The people of the eastern region are demanding Seemanchal state, while the people of Bhagalpur-Munger want to make Anga Pradesh. In the same way, the people of Vaishali have been advocating making Bajjikanchal in the west for a long time. The supporters of Mithila state consider Champaran as a part of Mithila, then the people of Champaran consider themselves better as Biharis. In fact, the Mithila state movement is being carried out only by people belonging to certain castes in three to four districts. These are all past life people. But their past-song is also limited to only a few districts. The mythical characters they glorify are also from these three-four districts. Ang Pradesh is not a part of their pride. Vaishali’s Bajji Sangh, which was called the first republican country in the world, is not the subject of their pride. In such a situation, it is obvious that the people of these districts are not with the state of Mithila.

There is a lack of broad consensus in the three-four districts where a handful of people are demanding the creation of Mithila state. The non-Brahmin population of these districts addresses the Mithila state as ‘Babhan Raj’. Not only Mithila, but people in entire Bihar are now scared of ‘Babhan Raj’. They will never want that Brahminism and feudalism should return again on this pretext. That’s why the flag bearers of Mithila state formation will have to first deal with these contradictions. Without dealing with these contradictions, the Mithila state movement will never get off the ground. And until any movement does not land on the ground, the success of that movement remains doubtful.

-Sachchidananda Satchu

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