Muslim community should take initiative to correct the mistake in Gyanvapi case

The survey conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Gyanvapi Mosque adjacent to the famous Vishwanath Temple of Varanasi has confirmed the claim that it was built on the Hindu temple itself. To stop this survey, the Muslim side went to extreme lengths in the court. On January 31, a court in Varanasi has given the Hindu side the right to worship in the Vyas Ji basement of Gyanvapi Mosque. Full ritual worship has started.

The Hindu side had been demanding the right to worship in a basement located in the Gyanvapi campus for some time. This basement is in the mosque complex. Till the year 1992, puja was held regularly in Vyas ji’s basement. After the demolition of Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992, Vyasji’s basement was closed and barricaded since 1993. At that time Samajwadi Party was in government and Mulayam Singh Yadav was the Chief Minister. Regarding the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi issue, Mulayam Singh Yadav put up barricades so that the communal atmosphere here does not deteriorate and there are no fights. First, temporary barricading was done by placing bamboo poles and later it was closed permanently. After this, Mata Shringaar Gauri was being worshiped here annually.

On the basis of the report of the survey conducted in Gyanvapi which was presented in the court, one can say that it is a temple. The Muslim side had knowledge of this for a long time. That is why those objects which are symbols and symbols of Hindu religion were hidden and covered. The biggest thing is the meeting of Shivalinga. Mythological texts reveal that the Gyanvapi well was built by Lord Shiva himself with his trident. Since mythological times, the area of ​​Kashi Vishwanath Corridor has been famous by the name of Avimukt Kshetra. Even in Mahabharata, the entire area of ​​Kashi Vishwanath Corridor has been called Avimukt Kshetra. The present Gyanvapi Mosque is also a part of the Avimukt area. Hindus around the world have been struggling for hundreds of years to free the Gyanvapi Mosque located in this area.

What should have happened is that after independence, the central government should have made a policy to demolish the Hindu religious places or hand over the mosques built on the same structures during the Mughal period to the Hindus. But other parties including Congress kept rejecting the legitimate claims of Hindus to avoid anger of Muslims. The fact that the mosque built next to the holy temple of the supreme deities of Hindus in Mathura and Varanasi was a Hindu temple was known to all the leaders, starting from Pandit Nehru. But he did not bother to think in this direction because he knew the tolerance of Hindus. Otherwise, what was the reason that Hindu marriage customs were changed, but Muslim personal law was not dared to be disturbed.

The partition of the country was accepted by our leaders in the name of religion. Due to the Indian values ​​of equality of all religions, even though a large population of Muslims remained in India and unlike Pakistan, India made itself a secular nation, but it is equally true that the then rulers, in order to appease the Muslims, suppressed the religious sentiments of the majority. No stone was left unturned in pushing. If Sardar Patel had not been there then it is not a big deal, even the renovation of Somnath temple would not have been possible. The Ayodhya dispute was going on even before independence.

In fact, there is a group in the country that is full of fear and greed. There is mud of cowardice in it. She shy away from facing historical reality and cultural truth. She looks for the solution to the problem through bargaining and considers avoiding the problem as her skill and cleverness. Bhagiratha of this group is a politician. Such a politician whose horizon of thinking and vision is only from one election to the next. They do not have the ability to think about future generations, decades and centuries. They are suffering from the mentality of who will see the world if we die.

Suffering from greed for power and fear of defeat in elections, these people have no shame in contempt and denial of national identity. India’s national society has suffered the consequences of greed, fear and silence 75 years ago. The political leadership was born out of appeasement and appeasement out of fear and silence of the national society. It is a proven experience of history that silence of Hindus gives rise to the division of the nation. The assertiveness of minorities and their appeasement spoils the geography of the nation and dishonors its history.

According to the law made by the Central Narasimha Rao government in 1991, the status of any religious place as on 15 August 1947 will not be changed. But in the Ayodhya dispute, the Supreme Court gave its decision on the basis that the Babri structure was built by converting a Hindu temple into a mosque. Exactly the same thing is coming to light about Gyanvapi also. The path opened by the Supreme Court by resolving the Ayodhya dispute will be helpful in liberating all those religious places which were forcefully converted into mosques by the Muslim rulers.

There is a similar claim about Krishna’s birthplace in Mathura. In view of all this, Muslim religious leaders should explain to the people of their community that they should act wisely and practically instead of dogmatism. There is no doubt that the destruction of Hindu religious places across the country by the Mughals took place on a large scale. The facts emerging about ancient religious places are shocking.

After the court’s decision to grant the right of worship to the Hindu side in Gyanvapi, the Muslim side has expressed displeasure over it. The Muslim side has said that after the decision an appeal will be made against this order in the High Court. The Muslim side has rejected this decision. Earlier, the Muslim side had also rejected the ASI survey. The right to worship Mata Shringar Gauri located in the Gyanvapi complex is also being sought. If seen, the same mistake is being repeated by the Muslim side in this regard which was seen in the Ayodhya dispute. Therefore, the only option left to settle this dispute is the court, where decisions are taken on the basis of solid evidence. The existence of a Hindu temple in Ayodhya was also confirmed by the excavations done there. The same process is being adopted regarding Gyanvapi also.

The Muslim society should understand that the purpose of those political parties which misleads it and avoids accepting the truth is only to get their votes. Both the Quran and the Prophet have forbidden building a mosque and offering namaz where there are idols and on land that has been forcibly occupied. There is no prohibition in the Quran to remove the mosque. In such a situation, he should demonstrate his big heart and seek their goodwill by taking the initiative to correct the mistake of the Mughal rulers in the past by forcefully taking over and controlling the religious places of Hindus. Goodwill and tolerance are not unilateral but bilateral. Insulting one party and giving respect to the other party gives rise to enmity, not harmony. The politics of misleading people is a long story of the vicious cycle of brokerage.

– Dr. Ashish Vashishtha

(The author is a senior freelance journalist)

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