Myanmar Army Air Strike: Camper army bomb attack on displaced people in Myanmar, 29 killed

Pudhari Online Desk: Myanmar Army Air Strike: 29 people, including women, children and the elderly, were killed in an attack by the military on a camp for displaced people in Myanmar’s Kachin state. At the same time 59 people were seriously injured. Khon Ja, a key local activist of the Kachin Peace Network civil society group, gave this information to Reuters.

Camps set up for displaced people demolished

The Alela camp for displaced people is in an area under the control of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO). It is said that there will be an uproar at midnight on Monday. The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), or the organization’s enumeration, has been fighting for the rights of the Kachin-Kelly clan, a hereditary bandit group in Myanmar, for decades.

myanmar conflict

The country of Myanmar is currently in a state of conflict. Ethnic minority organizations and resistance movements have called for a fight against military dictatorship. Meanwhile, after the 2021 coup, the military has started taking vigorous action in Myanmar.

Lashkarane Banana Bomb Attack

The army suddenly launched a bomb attack at midnight on Monday. In which entire villages have been destroyed. Such a deadly attack is said to have taken place in Kachin after almost 63 years. Myanmar has been stuck in conflict in many areas for the last two years. According to sources, this is the biggest deadly attack on civilians since the military regime came to power in Myanmar. The shadow National Unity Government (NUG) or the military has held responsibility for the attack.

Myanmar’s military says ‘junta’

Myanmar’s military junta is called this. Juntaane 1 February 2021 Roji Myanmar Government Ulthoon Takle. Since then military rule is in force in the country. The situation in Myanmar has become extremely dire after the arrival of Juntachya Satkekhali. Many uninhibited people have fallen here. In the name of anti-junta movement, the education of Asata Turungwasachi is being imparted.

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