Naresh Goyal: From floor to floor… What did Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal do in Delhi’s Bengali market? – meet naresh goyal who built jet airways a successful airline and then sank it

early days

It was around 1975, when Naresh Goyal, a young man from Sangrur in Punjab, used to work part-time at Bengali Sweet House, a famous sweet shop in Delhi’s Bengali Market. Naresh Goyal also used to live in a rainy house in the Bengali market. The sending of Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal to the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has reminded many elderly shopkeepers of Bengali Market of the bygone era when Naresh Goyal was a part of it.

Raincoat of Bengali market

Naresh Goyal came to Delhi from the city of Sangrur in Punjab. They started living in a raincoat of a Kothi in Bengali Market. Till those days, there was a rainy season culture in Delhi. Many landlords used to make a room in the third floor of their houses. Naresh Goyal used to live in a similar rainy house. While living there, he started meeting Lala Bhimsen, the owner of Bengali Sweets in Bengali Market. He used to ask Naresh Goyal about the condition of his business. Lala Bhimsen used to be sympathetic to his customers as well as the people living in the Bengali market.

part time job

part time job

It is said that he also started giving part time work to Naresh Goyal in his shop. Those were the days of struggle for Naresh Goyal. Naresh Goyal used to eat food in Bengali sweets in the morning and evening. During the day, he worked in Ansal Bhavan for an airline ticketing company called Das Airlines. Used to do job in Bengali market for few hours everyday. Sometimes he used to go to the Refugee Market near Bengali Market and eat at Kuttan’s South Indian restaurant.

Naresh’s dream was to touch the sky

Naresh's dream was to touch the sky

Harshvardhan, founder chairman of Vayudoot Airlines, who knows Naresh Goyal closely, says that he had not come to Delhi with the intention of getting a job. He had many dreams. He intended to touch the sky. Therefore, after working for a few days, Naresh Goyal started selling tickets for Iraq and Kuwait Airlines. Then the office of Iraq Airlines was in Ansal Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Naresh Goyal’s business started shining. When it worked, Goyal bought a house in Krishna Nagar but did not leave Bengali market.

why left delhi

why left delhi

Rajan Dhawan, a close friend of his Delhi days, tells that he also tried his hand at charter flights early on. He started earning a lot in that. Naresh Goyal and a friend of his started taking charter flights from Amritsar to London. Then Naresh Goyal did not look back. The government opened the way for FDI in the aviation sector in the 1990s. Soon after that Naresh Goyal left Delhi. He had understood that the real flight would take place in Mumbai only. After going to Mumbai, he started talking to the sky. Their Jet Airways flights have been suspended since 17 April 2019.

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