National Games: Maharashtra Gold Medal in Weightlifting Competition! Deepali Gursalechi’s 45 kg weight loss record performance

Vitthal Gawde Parwadkar

Panaji : Pudhari Vritsaeva : National Games : Maharashtra state athlete Deepali Gursale won gold medal for Maharashtra with her record performance in weightlifting in the 37th National Sports Competition. She recorded the top performance among women by lifting 45 kg and lifted a total weight of 165 kg.

Weightlifting competition started from Wednesday at Kridanagarit in Kampal. West Bengal’s Chandrika Tadafdar won the bronze medal with 162 kg weight, while Telangana’s T. Priyadarshini won the bronze medal with 161 kg weight. (National Games)

Deepali Hine of Sangli district won 75 kg weight in snatch by Navya Rashtriya Vikramachi Nong Keli. Silver medalist Chandrikaanehi and National Vikram Noorchitana lifted 95 kg weight in clean and jerk. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant presented medals to the winners and congratulated them. Information Account Director Deepak Bandekar would have been present at this time.

Meanwhile, male wrestler Prashant Koli, who weighed 55 kg, won the gold medal with National Vikram. He lifted a total weight of 253 kg. Among them, Vikramala Gavasni lifted 115 kg weight in snatch. Maharashtra’s Mukund Aher started considering the money as a solution. He lifted 249 kg weight. Andhra Pradesh’s S. Guru Naidu (230 kg) was awarded the bronze medal.

Chhattisgarh Gyaneshwarila Suvarna (National Games)

Chhattisgarh’s Dnyaneshwari Yadav, who won the gold medal for women, lifted a total weight of 177 kg. Haryana’s Preeti won silver with 174 kg, while Odisha’s Jhambha Dalabehera won bronze medal with 167 kg.

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