National Games: Pranati won gold in gymnastics, Jhambha, Sneha won bronze in weightlifting. Loktej Sports News

Panaji, 26 October (Hindustan Reporter). Odisha’s Pranati Naik won the gold medal in the women’s artistic gymnastics event in the ongoing 37th National Games here. Meanwhile, Jhambha Dalabehera and Sneha Soren won bronze medals in weightlifting.

Jhambha Dalabehera, competing in the 49 kg category, won the bronze medal with a total lift of 167 kg, which included a snatch of 73 kg and a clean and jerk of 94 kg. Similarly, Sneha Soren, competing in the 55kg category, displayed remarkable skill and earned a bronze medal with a total weight of 186kg, which was achieved through a snatch of 80kg and a clean and jerk of 106kg.

Congratulating Pranati on her gold medal, veteran Ashok Kumar, who is leading the gymnastics contingent for Odisha, said, “She really did a great job, despite the bad weather in the days leading up to the competition, she gave us a great performance.” Assured that she will win the gold and we are very proud of her achievement. Pranathi will compete in four more events in gymnastics, and we are confident that she will try her best to repeat this success.”

On the weightlifting victory, former Olympian and current weightlifting coach Ravi Kumar lauded the efforts of the girls and attributed the success to months of hard preparation, saying, “Our athletes have performed very well, the level of their competition at the National Games It has been very high. But he has given his 100 percent despite the challenges. We have been training hard at the Odisha Weightlifting High-Performance Centre; we created a three-month program which was well-planned and holistic, so our focus was on But it has been.”

Elaborating on the challenges faced by the athletes, coach Ravi Kumar also talked about Jhimli contracting dengue two weeks ago, saying, “Jhimli was a contender for the gold, but unfortunately, dengue It can be very challenging for an athlete physically and mentally especially when you are so close to the competition. In fact, we weren’t sure whether Jhambha would be able to compete or not. To win a bronze medal despite not being 100 percent is remarkable. It’s an achievement.”

With more weightlifting activities coming up in the next few days, coach Ravi Kumar further said, “Kanhu Charana Sahu and Suresh Yadav are promising prospects to add to Odisha’s medal tally and we are looking forward to their performances.”

Despite battling a back injury, Kanhu Charan Sahu will compete in the 81kg category, while Suresh Yadav will compete in the 96kg category. Notably, the 37th edition of the National Games will formally begin on Thursday, October 26 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present to inaugurate the competition.

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