National Sports Day 2023: When Major Dhyanchand had tears in his eyes even after defeating Germany in front of Hitler


National Sports Day 2023: Major Dhyanchand (Major Dhyan Chand) Many events are being organized in Uttar Pradesh today on his birthday. Whole country National Sports Day National Sports Day 2023 But remembering the wizard of hockey, Major Dhyanchand, who hoisted the flag of India all over the world. Dhyanchand, popularly known as ‘Dadda’ among his loved ones, gave a new identity to Indian hockey. Indians feel proud even today remembering the history Dhyan Chand has written in Indian hockey.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi district, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will unveil a 25-feet tall statue of Major Dhyanchand and inaugurate the Hockey Museum at Rani Laxmibai Park on Tuesday. Major Dhyanchand’s statue and hockey museum will work to inspire players across the country. In honor of Major Dhyanchand, the digital museum in Jhansi, which was his workplace, is very special. In this museum equipped with modern facilities and technology in Rani Laxmibai Park, tourists will get to see all the aspects related to the life of Major Dhyanchand.

Major Dhyanchand won the gold medal for India in the Olympic Games in hockey. Because of this, every year his birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day on 29th August. Many stories related to Major Dhyanchand and his hockey are examples for the players even today. Along with this, it shows that how much spirit of patriotism was there in Major Dhyanchand.

Germany was given a crushing defeat in front of Hitler

During Major Dhyanchand’s era, India won many gold medals in hockey in the Olympics. But, the gold of the 1936 Berlin Olympics is the most special among them. In 1936, on the same day of August 15, India won the gold medal by defeating Germany 8-1 under the leadership of Dadda Dhyanchand in front of dictator Hitler.

In fact, Dhyanchand had won gold medals for India in Amsterdam 1928 and Lance Agile 1932 Olympics. Dhyanchand was the captain of the Indian hockey team in the Berlin Olympics. The final of the Berlin Olympics was to be played on 14 August. But, due to rain, the final was played on 15 August. India and Germany team were face to face in the final. In the final played on 15 August, Germany was leading 1-0 in the first half. In such a situation, there was pressure on the Indian team in the second half.

Dhyanchand showed amazing performance without shoes

In the second half of the final match, Major Dhyanchand decided to enter the field without shoes. The magic that the hockey magician did in the second half surprised everyone. Dhyan Chand scored a flurry of goals in the second half. Due to this, India was able to win the match 8-1. When the match was over, Hitler was very impressed with Dhyanchand.

Instead of shaking hands with Dhyanchand, Hitler saluted. Hitler said to Dhyanchand, ‘The German nation salutes you for your country India and nationalism. It was Hitler who gave him the title of Hockey Magician. Dhyanchand and Hitler talked for a long time. Hitler offered Dhyanchand the highest rank post in his army and offered to play for Germany, which Dhyanchand rejected.

Sad to see the Union Jack waving

The special thing is that India definitely won the gold medal. But, being a slave, Dadda was deeply saddened to see the national flag unfurling. Hitler had given a party to the medal winners, but Dadda did not attend it. He sat in the sports village itself. There were tears in his eyes. When a teammate asked him that today the team has won, then why is he crying, on this Dadda’s answer was, I wish there was a tricolor instead of the Union Jack i.e. the flag of British India, then he would have been very happy.

Scored 52 goals in Africa tour at the age of 43

After the independence of the country, when the Indian team had to go to play in the London Olympics, Dadda was 43 years old. Although even then he was asked to play in the team. But, Dadda said that now the youth should be given a chance. He refused to play in the London Olympics. At the same time, in 1948, East Africa had invited the Indian team to play here. But, at the same time it was also said that Dhyanchand should be in this team under any circumstances. Then Dadda went on this tour and even at the age of 43 he scored 52 goals in that tour.

Players who have scored more than a thousand goals in domestic and international hockey

Arjuna awardee Ashok Dhyan Chand, the World Cup-winning son of hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand, says that Major Dhyan Chand is the first to be mentioned among the greatest players in the history of Indian sports, who won the Amsterdam (1928), Los Angeles (1932) and Berlin (1936) ) won gold medals in the Olympics. Major Dhyanchand is believed to have scored more than a thousand goals in domestic and international hockey.

Neeraj Chopra reminded Major Dhyanchand

Ashok Dhyanchand is currently very happy with the performance of javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who has won gold medals in the World Championship and Olympics, and says that Neeraj is also on his father’s path.

Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships. He achieved this feat by throwing the javelin at a distance of 88.17 meters in the championship held in Budapest. Prior to this, he has won Tokyo Olympic gold, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games (2018) gold, four Diamond League individual meeting titles and last year’s Diamond League Champions Trophy.

Major Dhyanchand was a milestone

Ashok Dhyanchand says that Neeraj rejuvenated Indian athletics. He has inspired a whole generation and it is a matter of pride to have three Indians in the top six in the javelin final. Dhyanchand ji was a milestone and in today’s era, Neeraj is touching new heights in individual sports. We want more players to come forward and make India proud continuously. I think if there is anyone on the path of becoming a doyen of Indian sports like him, it is Neeraj Chopra.

India won bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Ashok said India’s growing dominance in javelin throw reminded him of the golden days of Indian hockey when India won eight Olympic gold medals. He said that apart from Dadda Dhyanchand, we had great hockey players like Leslie Claudius (three Olympic gold, one silver), Udham Singh (three Olympic gold, one silver), Balbir Singh Senior (three Olympic gold) who had a different legacy. I got reminded of those days. Like hockey, India’s pride is also speaking in javelin throw. The Indian hockey team last won Olympic gold in 1980 in Moscow. In the Tokyo Olympics 2021, the Indian men’s hockey team won the bronze medal by ending the wait of 41 years.

Important milestones of Major Dhyanchand’s life will be seen in the museum

The museum which is being inaugurated in Jhansi, the workplace of Major Dhyanchand, is very special. Here, through a moving projector, one can see every important stage related to Major Dhyan Chand’s childhood till his life. A giant hockey and ball has also been made here. It is like the same hockey and ball with which Major Dhyanchand used to play.

people will be able to play hockey in virtual field

Here, through the digital screen, information will also be given about the famous hockey players of the country. A virtual hockey field has also been made here. You can also play hockey in this virtual field. Here young players will also be given information about how they can make a career in sports.

Will be able to see the film based on the life of Major Dhyanchand in mini theater

A mini theater has also been built here. A film based on the life of Major Dhyanchand will be screened in this theatre. Here you can also take selfie with Major Dhyanchand through Hologram. Along with this, Major Dhyanchand’s son Ashok Dhyanchand will also teach the people the tricks of hockey. A statue of Major Dhyanchand has also been installed outside the museum. This statue has been made like the statue outside the National Stadium in Delhi. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is going to inaugurate this museum on the birth anniversary of Major Dhyanchand.

Childhood passed in Prayagraj (Allahabad)

Who does not know Loknath Square and Loknath Street of Sangam city. The names of such stalwarts of the country are associated with the streets here, whose identity has crossed the boundaries of the nation. One such name is that of Major Dhyanchand, who is called the magician of hockey. Born in Allahabad then and Prayagraj at present, Dhyanchand’s childhood was spent in the streets of Loknath.

Karmabhoomi became Jhansi from Prayagraj

Major Dhyanchand studied up to class six while living in the old city of Loknath in Prayagraj. After this his family moved to Jhansi. Dhyanchand’s family lived in a rented house near Bharati Bhavan. His father Sameshwar Singh was a Subedar in the British Indian Army. He himself was a good player of hockey. After Sameshwar Singh was transferred to Jhansi, the whole family shifted to Jhansi. Earlier there were many gymnasiums in Loknath and it had an impact on Major Dhyan Chand as well. He also loved the game of wrestling very much and while playing he used to go to the gymnasium and watch wrestling matches. Later, when he went to Jhansi with his family, his relationship was associated with hockey.

Important things related to hockey wizard Major Dhyanchand

  • Major Dhyan Chand was born as Dhyan Singh on 29 August 1905 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

  • In the year 1922, Dhyanchand became a part of the Indian Army and served the country as a soldier.

  • He retired from the Indian Army in the year 1956 with the rank of Major.

  • Dhyanchand showed many such feats in hockey, due to which he was given the title of magician of hockey.

  • India achieved its first hat-trick of Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics, in which Major Dhyanchand played a key role.

  • Dhyan Chand was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1956.

  • After the death of Major Dhyanchand, the Indian Postal Department issued a postage stamp in his honor. Also, the name of Delhi’s National Stadium was changed to Major Dhyanchand Stadium.

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