NATO Summit 2023 In Lithuania Ukraine Britain Defense Minister Ben Wallace Calls For Ukraine Should Be More Gratitude


London: The Russia-Ukraine war is still going on after 500 days. In the midst of the war, NATO countries held a meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. Ukrainian President Zelensky arrived in this meeting with high hopes. He hoped that after the end of the war with Russia, his country would be assured of joining NATO. He wanted NATO membership to be a beacon of hope for his people. If this had happened, then the Russian army could have been stopped from attacking the land of Ukraine. But here Zelensky was told that he would be invited to become a member when all the allies agreed and the conditions were met.

Overall, there was no visible commitment from NATO to include Ukraine. On this stand of NATO, the Ukrainian President said that it is ‘absurd’ not to give information about the time table on behalf of NATO leaders. However, when President Zelensky met NATO leaders face-to-face, there were big assurances. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that ‘Ukraine’ is in NATO. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday they met as equals, but in the future as allies.

shock to ukraine

At the same time, US President Joe Biden said that Ukraine is moving in the right direction. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the summit had given NATO a cultural acceptance. No country is asking if Ukraine should join, everyone is asking when. The leaders of the G-7 countries have assured to agree on a new package of military and economic support for Ukraine. This includes air defense, longer range missiles, more training and intelligence gathering. Which Zelensky considers an important victory.

However, amidst the positive response being received from all sides, Ben Wallace gave a shocking statement to Ukraine. He warned that Ukraine should be more grateful for the support it has already received. He said Ukraine should try to better understand the domestic political pressures that prevent countries, especially the United States, from providing military aid. He said that the US or UK shopping website is not a branch of Amazon, where a list of weapons can be reached and demanded.

Rishi Sunak clarified

The remark was so undiplomatic, that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had to come clean. He said that Ukraine has always been grateful. At the same time, when Zelensky was asked a question on this in the press conference, he looked surprised. He called his Defense Secretary Ben Wallace present there and asked him to know what he meant. However, Wallace has accidentally highlighted an interesting moment in the war. For almost a year and a half, Zelensky has been asking the West for more and more weapons. Zelensky’s statements have always shown the discontent of Ukraine. Due to this, it seems that the western countries are tired of giving weapons and in the coming time, a big change will be seen in the politics of the world.

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