Navratri 2023: These actresses won applause for the role of Shakti, Mouni Roy was not ready to become Sati

‘Mythological shows’ have become an important genre on the small screen. This genre has not only brought a flood of faith among the people but has also showered a lot of love on the artists associated with it. Navratri has started. Many actresses on TV have won a lot of accolades by bringing different incarnations of Shakti to life on the small screen. Besides, this type of character has also added new dimensions to the career of these actresses. Highlights of the conversation with Urmila Kori about such special shows and the experiences of the actresses associated with them.

Pooja Sharma used to take four hours to appear in Mahakali avatar

This mythological show of Siddharth Kumar Tiwari was aired on Colors channel in 2017. Actress Pooja Sharma showed her strong presence in the role of Maa Kali in this show. Recalling her experiences at that time, Pooja Sharma says, “I learned fencing as well as the Kerala martial art ‘Kalaripayattu’ for that show. The sword that was in the show weighed a lot. Besides, the glans garland and skirt were also very heavy. There was a lot of difficulty in just standing in this outfit, but I had to do action wearing all that. She says, “To get into the look of Maa Kali, initially I had to spend four hours for make-up. In this the entire body was painted in blue colour. Eye make-up was different. There was a different type of wig for hair. Foot jewelery was also quite different. Seeing myself in the look of Maa Kali, I felt like a beautiful artwork.

Speaking dialogues in pure Hindi was the biggest challenge for Parvati as Sonarika.

Actress Mouni Roy, in the role of Sati in the popular show ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’, had set a benchmark, which was not easy to cross. Despite this, actress Sonarika Bhadauria left her special impression in the role of Parvati. Sonarika Bhadauria, associated with the show, says, “The biggest challenge for me was to memorize long dialogues in pure Hindi.” She says, “One day I started crying on the set. Director Nikhil Sinha explained to me and told me to take my time. Sonarika also says that the Hindi dialogues which she found most difficult to speak were the ones her fans liked the most. Sonarika tells that at that time many fan pages were made in my name. In which many of my fans used to write that the way I speak the word but is very lovely and hardly anyone else can say it like this.

Indrani Haldar became completely vegetarian for mother Shakti.

In the year 2002, BR Chopra banner’s mythological show ‘Maa Shakti’, aired on StarPlus, made actress Indrani Halder a famous face in every household. Regarding the experiences related to this show, Indrani says that I came to Mumbai from Kolkata especially for this show. It is every artiste’s dream to work with BR Chopra banner. I too was no different from this and the shooting of the show proved to be memorable in many ways. I was alone in Mumbai. The production team took special care of it. During the shooting of the show, my room was booked in a hotel in Juhu. A car used to come every day to pick me up on the set and drop me to the hotel. I would like to tell that after the shooting of the show started, I did not eat non-vegetarian food till the show ended. This is the reason why Ravi Chopra ji had hired a cook, who used to prepare special vegetarian food for me. In the show I played the roles of Maa Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati and Maa Shakti. While bringing the four goddesses to life on screen, special attention had to be paid not only to their looks but also to their dialogue delivery. During that time, fans used to praise my eyes the most.

Mega Show- Mouni Roy was not ready to become Sati of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Actress Mouni Roy herself has admitted many times that the mythological show ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ made her realize the popularity for the first time, which every actor aspires for. She also tells that initially she was not ready for this role. She had refused this offer over the phone itself, but the makers of the show asked Mouni to meet her once, where she not only understood the big vision of the show, but also found the story of Sati and Mahadev to be a special love story. It started. Then he felt that he should join this show. Usually, it is common for mythological shows to have fixed acting hours, but Mouni told that she used to get into Sati’s look in 30 to 40 minutes, which included hair, clothes and make-up. Regarding the most difficult scenes related to the show, she tells that she had to go into the forest barefoot. This caused blisters on his feet.

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