Neeraj Chopra Kishore Jena DP Manu India became the powerhouse of javelin


New Delhi: Who would have thought that by setting a junior world record in Javelin throw in the year 2016, a boy would create such a wave of javelin across the country that within a few years, India would become the powerhouse of javelin. There were three Indians in the top-8 in the javelin throw final of the Budapest World Championships. Germany and Czech Republic used to have such dominance in Javelin. The circle has now turned. The stronghold of javelin throw has now become South Asia.

Golden boy Neeraj Chopra’s golden success has not only inspired countless Indian throwers, but the rise of Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem is starting to make an impact in his home country as well. While Neeraj won the Budapest gold, Nadeem won the silver medal. India’s Kishor Jena finished fifth with a personal best throw of 84.77m. DP Manu finished sixth with a best throw of 84.14m. Neeraj said, ‘We are moving forward in athletics, but a lot of work has to be done.’

Early Throw Strategy
Usually athletes try to open the body in the initial throw, but Neeraj gives his full strength in his very first throw. He did the same in Tokyo Olympics and adopted the same strategy here as well. Here in the final, his first throw became foul, after which he measured the distance of 88.17 in the second throw with full force. Neeraj once again set a high standard for other athletes to exceed. Perhaps because of this they came under pressure. Yakub Vadlekh of the Czech Republic and Arshad of Pakistan were also there who have touched the 90 meter mark, but the pressure created by Neeraj again worked.

Neeraj Chopra created history in the World Championship, became the first Indian to win gold

did not collide with the waiter
Germany’s Johannes Vetter was considered to be the biggest threat to Neeraj in this championship. Vetter measured 89.51 meters in Paavo Nurmi in June this year, which is still the best throw of this season. In measuring the distance of more than ninety meters, Neeraj defeated Master Vetter in the Tokyo Olympics. In Tokyo, Vetter looked nervous with his first throw and was out after his first three attempts with a throw of 82.52m. Since then fans were waiting for Neeraj and Vetter’s clash, but Vetter did not come here to participate.

Nadeem’s perspective
Neeraj faced a tough challenge from Nadeem but the Pakistan thrower said he was happy that we have now dominated the European throwers. Nadeem told, ‘Neeraj and I have a very healthy competition and we respect each other a lot. There is no rivalry like Pakistan-India. When we talk, we are happy that we are making a name for ourselves in a competition that was usually dominated by European athletes.

No finish line: Neeraj
Neeraj has now won all the titles in the javelin, but he believes that ‘there is no finish line for throwers’. So now when asked what is left to win, he said, ‘It is said that there is no finish line for throwers. Best of all, we have a spear. We can always do better. I may have won many medals, but the motivation to throw a better throw will never diminish. He said, ‘I don’t want to think that I have achieved everything by winning this medal. I will work harder and win more medals.

Neeraj’s five best throws

  • 89.94m: Stockholm Diamond League 2022, Sweden
  • 89.30m: Paavo Nurmi Games 2022, Finland
  • 89.08m : Lausanne Diamond League 2022, Switzerland
  • 88.77m: World Athletics Championships 2023, Budapest
  • 88.67m: Doha Diamond League 2023, Doha

Neeraj won every major front

  • Olympics: 2020, Tokyo, Gold
  • World Championships: 2023, Budapest, Gold
  • Diamond League Finals: 2022, Zurich, Gold
  • Asian Games: 2018, Jakarta, Gold
  • Commonwealth Games: 2018, Gold Coast, Gold
  • Asian Championship: 2017, Bhubaneswar, Gold
  • South Asian Games: 2016, Guwahati, Gold
  • World Junior Championships: 2016 Poland, Gold

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