Nepal China MCC Row In Hindi: China Friendly Nepal Ruling Parties Reignite MCC Dispute Tension With US


Kathmandu: In Nepal, the pro-China leftist parties have once again started opposing the MCC project of America. Last year, the parties involved in the ruling coalition got the US’s MCC project approved by the Parliament, but now that it has been implemented, they have started opposing this American financial aid. The CPN (Unified Socialist), part of the Prachanda government’s coalition, has set up a separate panel to study whether the implementation of the MCC would “undermine Nepal’s sovereignty”.

Apart from this, another political party included in Socialist Front Nepal has also announced to oppose the implementation of MCC. Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda is also a part of this front. The Maoist party led by Netra Bikram Chand has also been a staunch opponent of the MCC. It had announced last week that if MCC undermines Nepal’s sovereignty, it will oppose the project funded by MCC. Some other leftist parties are also strongly opposing this American aid.
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MCC issue a bone of contention in the ruling coalition

On the other hand, insiders and observers of the CPN Unified Samajwadi Party say that the creation of this panel is an attempt to provoke the MCC dispute after it has been resolved. Party spokesperson Khatiwada said, “Our party has a very clear stand that the concerns of our party and parliament should not be ignored while implementing the MCC.” He said that our party has constituted a panel to monitor the implementation of MCC.

Political analysts say that the issue of MCC may create controversy in the ruling coalition. Political analysis and Sher Bahadur Deuba’s former advisor on foreign affairs, Arun Subedi said, ‘PM Prachanda had said last week that if anything suspicious is found in the MCC, he would start a protest but we could not understand what his comment meant. For whom was it Another Left leader Madhav Nepal is also opposing the MCC.
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China had organized a protest against MCC in Nepal!

Subedi said that if this protest continues, the international democratic community may review its stand. Before this, at the behest of China, the leftist parties strongly opposed the MCC project inside Nepal. After this America got agitated and even warned Nepal. Nepal’s parliament somehow passed it after the US threat. Now it has been implemented last month but once again its opposition has started. China believes that the US is running the MCC project in Nepal to reduce its influence.

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