Nepal India News Hindi: Chinese Ambassador Chen Song Takes Flak For His Remarks On Nepal India Relations


Kathmandu: While there is a lot of anger among the people of Nepal on the poisonous statement given by Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song against India, India has also given a very strong reaction. The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has taken up the entire matter with the Foreign Ministry of Nepal and asked for action. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry of Nepal is not able to understand how to respond to the dispute between the two powerful neighbors. Meanwhile, foreign policy experts in Nepal are strongly criticizing the statement of the Chinese ambassador and they are asking the Prachanda government to lodge a protest with China on this whole issue.

Nepal’s Foreign Minister NP Saud said that his ministry has taken notice of the Chinese ambassador’s statement. Many diplomats of Nepal have said that the ambassador of China has openly violated diplomatic standards. Not only this, with his statement, the Chinese ambassador has created unnecessary controversy inside Nepal regarding the third country India. Arun Subedi, who was an advisor to the Prime Minister in the Sher Bahadur Deuba government, said, ‘The Prachanda government should send a diplomatic note to China and register a protest against the Chinese ambassador’s statement.
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Strong criticism of Chinese ambassador in Nepal

The Chinese ambassador compared Nepal’s trade with India, which according to Nepali officials was unnecessary. Subedi said, ‘The question is, if the Indian ambassador also makes a similar statement, what will be our response. The Prachanda government is silent on the statement of the Chinese ambassador when China has refused to use the new map of Nepal. Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Office has termed the Chinese ambassador’s statement as non-diplomatic. He said, ‘The Chinese ambassador cannot make such a statement in the internal matter of Nepal. Nor can he comment on our relationship with another neighboring country on which we are heavily dependent.

On the other hand, Indian foreign policy experts say that China is once again interfering in relations with neighboring countries of New Delhi. He said that the relations between India and China have not been normal and due to this Beijing is tightening its neighborhood against Delhi. The Chinese ambassador is trying to show that India is an obstacle in the development of Nepal. Also, China wants Nepal to join its BRI. He is also giving knowledge regarding this.
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China is trying to influence Nepal

Nepal’s former ambassador to Denmark, Vijay Kant Karna, says that the Chinese ambassador has crossed the diplomatic boundary line by interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs. With this statement, China wants Nepal to run its foreign policy accordingly. China has given this statement at a time when Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda is about to visit Beijing. It is believed that he can raise the issue of the new map with the Chinese leaders. With this statement against India, China has also tried to implicate Nepal. That too when India has implemented the new power agreement with Nepal.

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