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today’s era It is the era of democracy. Many experiments are being done in the field of politics in the world. But if all experiments are put to the test of time, then only that system will be considered most successful, in which maximum opportunities are available to the public. Humans do not have hunger only for the stomach, the power that separates humans from animals is the ability to differentiate between truth and falsehood, which is called discretion in modern language. The satisfaction of this power of man is possible only through his intellectual activity. That’s why man is moving towards development day by day. There is a difference of heaven and earth between the primitive man and today’s atom era man. Man is bound to science everywhere. Today, science has presented daily new facilities for human contact.

The new Parliament building is a milestone in the development journey of New India. During his address at the inauguration of the new Parliament House, PM Narendra Modi said that the resolution of all 140 crore of us as a nation is the life prestige of this Parliament. Every decision taken here is going to shape the future. The decision to be taken here is going to empower the generations to come. The decision to be taken here will empower every section of the society. Every wall of the Parliament, its every particle is dedicated to the welfare of the poor. We have to grow with the spirit of Nation First. We have to keep the path of duty paramount. We have to set an example by our behaviour. We have to keep improving ourselves continuously. We have to forge our own new paths. We have to consume ourselves, have to heat up. We have to make public welfare our life mantra. When we will discharge our responsibilities honestly in this new building of the Parliament, then the countrymen will also get inspiration from it. The Prime Minister said that the new Parliament House was the need of the hour.

I am glad that the grand building is equipped with modern facilities. During this, the PM also recited a poem – A free motherland needs a new leaf. New life is needed for the new festival. Free song is happening, new melody is needed…. The PM said – When we discharge our responsibilities honestly in this new building of the Parliament, the countrymen will get new inspiration. Now it is the responsibility of all of us MPs to make it more divine with our dedication. The PM said that this new building is also an ideal for the coexistence of the new and the old. New patterns are created only by walking on new paths. Today, New India is setting new goals. Forging new paths. There is new enthusiasm, there is new enthusiasm. New journey, new thinking. The direction is new, the resolution is new. And today once again the whole world is looking at India with a sense of respect and hope for the firmness of India’s resolve, the intensity of the people of India, the vitality of India’s manpower. When India moves forward, the world moves forward. The new building of the Parliament will call for the development of the world through the development of India. Modi said that the one who stops, his luck also stops, but the one who keeps going, his luck also keeps on going. So keep going, keep going. After slavery, our country has entered the golden age of freedom after seeing many ups and downs.

This amrit kaal of freedom is the amrit kaal to fulfill innumerable dreams and aspirations. The clarion call of this time of immortality is – a free motherland needs a new drink. New life is needed for the new festival. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that a time also came when we started getting fascinated by other countries. But the India of the 21st century is now leaving behind that thinking of slavery. Today, India is turning to itself the glorious saga of that art of ancient times and this new building of the Parliament has become a symbol of this vibrant endeavour. Today every Indian is full of pride seeing the new Parliament House. This building has heritage as well as architecture. There is art as well as skill in this. It has culture as well as the voice of the constitution. You see the interior of the Lok Sabha is based on the national bird peacock. The interior of the Rajya Sabha is based on the national flower lotus and the courtyard of the Parliament also houses our national tree banyan. The diversity of different parts of our country, this new building has accommodated them all. In a way, we have seen the spirit of Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat in every particle of this building. Spread over 65,000 square metres, the new parliament houses the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, the Constitutional Hall, lounges, service areas and other offices. The new structure will ensure efficient participatory representation of the entire population while also accommodating an expanded Parliament in future. The entire building is decorated with various artworks, including paintings, wall panels, stone sculptures, metal murals, etc., which suits the architecture of the building. This artwork combination is also a typical example of harmony of traditional and modern art. The new Parliament building has six entrances, each of which is decorated with sculptures made of sandstone.

In fact, these idols are depictions of auspicious fruitful creatures recognized in Indian civilization and culture, which are symbols of success, fame, power, victory, energy and knowledge. They are named after these creatures as Gaj-Dwar, Ashwa-Dwar, Garuda-Dwar, Hans-Dwar, Makar-Dwar and Shardul-Dwar. The new building has three festival pavilions. These include huge brass statues of Chanakya, Gargi, Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar, Nalanda and Konark Chakra which stand testimony to India’s democratic and constitutional heritage in the form of Sankalp, Maan and Karti Mandap. Here the public entrance ‘Kartavya Dwar’ leads to three galleries where one can see the integrated form of Indian art, architecture, aesthetics, history, heritage and art. Collectively these galleries represent the Indian identity and ethos rooted in Indian culture and civilization. By incorporating indigenous and original art forms from every part of the country, an effort has been made to embody the common vision and ambition of all in these galleries. In fact, these pavilions and galleries are a manifestation of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, in which people from every province are represented. The new Parliament building is a symbol of the vibrancy and immortality of democratic values ​​deeply ingrained in Indian civilization. Its construction began as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project launched in 2019. This triangular building suits the needs of the world’s largest democracy, which is always on the move and dynamic. Its triangular configuration also expresses the sacredness associated with many religions and beliefs. The union of the two triangles beautifully expresses the allegory of the combined divine will and human endeavour. It is a symbol of that divinity, in which human sensibilities find their place.

The sentiments expressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament House reflect the thinking and goal of the new India. The new parliament building has a special significance for Indians, the permanent identity of this building is not from the construction of the building and the entrances and artifacts, but from the kind of policies and laws that our people’s representatives create in this building, the identity of this new parliament Will be made The qualities represented by the 24 spokes of the Ashoka Chakra made in the Tricolor should be kept in front of the country’s policies only then India will be able to become a developed country by 2047. These 24 qualities are as follows: Image love; Image might; Image Patience; image peace; image kindness; image goodness; image fidelity; image softness; image self-restraint; image selflessness; image self-sacrifice; image truth; image integrity; image justice; image compassion; image decency; image humility; image empathy; image sensing; image supreme knowledge; image supreme intelligence; image ultimate morality; Image Love to all living beings; Image Belief in the kindness of nature. These 24 qualities are not just qualities, but they are the basic elements of the personality of any human being, which are absolutely essential for personality development. The development of the country is related to the development of the individual. The dignity of this new Parliament House will be maintained only when our people’s representatives who sit there work within dignity and give priority to the interest of the country. Many many congratulations to all Indians on the new Parliament House!

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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