New rule of SIM card! Government’s new preparation to stop fake calling and fraud – sim card new guidelines to stop fraud call and sms


Online fraud has become a problem for everyone. The role of SIM card is important in this online fraud. In such a situation, the government is going to prepare to control the number of SIM cards. Means till now 9 sim cards are issued on one ID. But the government is planning to reduce the number of SIM cards available on one ID from 9 to 4.

Government’s new guideline

According to the leaked report, the guidelines of four SIM cards on one ID have been approved by the Telecom Minister. In such a situation, the government can soon make public the new guideline of the SIM card. The same can completely digitize the customer verification process on behalf of the Central Government.

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how many sims will be available on one id
A new facility has been started by the government. From which you can find out how many sim cards can be issued on your ID. In such a situation, if you feel that somewhere a fraud sim has been issued on your number, then you can block it by detecting it. For this, the government has started the Sanchar Saathi portal.

AI tool will identify fraud calls and messages

The government believes that through this whole exercise, unwanted calls and fraud calling can be stopped. Along with this, the government is taking the help of Artificial Intelligence tool. Means telecom companies are applying AI filters, which are identifying unknown calling and messages ahead of time.

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