Nihang professional criminal accused of murder: Police

Last Tuesday, regarding the murder of a young man by a Nihang on the suspicion of sacrilege in Phagwara’s Gurudwara Chhathi Patshahi, Punjab Police’s ADGP Law and Order Gurinder Singh Dhillon made a big revelation and said that the accused of killing the young man in the name of sacrilege. Nihang Ramandeep Singh Mangumath is a professional criminal. It has nothing to do with religion. He had murdered the young man to be in the news. There was no sacrilege in Gurudwara Sahib. ADGP Dhillon said that Ramandeep’s sources of income are also suspicious, which are being investigated thoroughly. He collects funds by posting inflammatory videos in the name of religion on internet media. He is also wearing Nihang’s bandana (dress) only to collect money. On the other hand, Kapurthala police produced the accused Ramandeep in Phagwara court on Thursday and obtained his seven-day police remand. The police will get to the bottom of the matter by interrogating thoroughly during remand.

Nine cases are registered against Ramandeep in Ludhiana. A case has been registered against him for chopping off the hand of a person in Amritsar also. In January 2023, Ramandeep had a fight with a group of Nihangs in Amritsar. During this, Ramandeep had cut off a person’s hand. Nihang Vicky Thomas of the other group had alleged that Ramandeep cheats people by wearing the attire of Nihang. He collects huge amount from people in the name of Kar Seva of different Gurudwara Sahib.

According to sources, the police had got the dope test done of Nihang Ramandeep Singh Mangumath in the Civil Hospital. According to police sources, drugs have been found in Mangu’s blood. Doctors found buprenorphine and morphine in his blood sample.

Vishal Kapoor was murdered by a Nihang on the charge of sacrilege. According to sources, he was caught by the people in the Gurudwara and people kept him for three hours and the police was also informed but the police did not reach. During this time, Nihang killed Vishal Kapoor.

This is not the first case of murder on charges of sacrilege, such cases have been increasing in Punjab in the last few years. There is a boil in the politics of the state regarding the matters of sacrilege, but the question is whether killing someone in the name of sacrilege can be considered justified. There is rule of law in the country. It is not right to take the law into your own hands. If such incidents happen in a civilized society, it will not only raise questions on the law and order system, but will also reflect the change in the thinking of the society. This incident was reported by the Chairman of the National Minorities Commission. Iqbal Singh Lalpura has also taken cognizance.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the greatest gift to humanity of this era. By taking refuge in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, a person crosses the ocean of illusion of this world, but killing someone by accusing him of disrespecting Sri Guru Granth Sahib is contrary to the human message which prays for the well being of Sarbat. Action will definitely be taken against the Nihang accused of murder under the law, but to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future, the members of the Gurdwara Management Committees and the intellectuals of the Sikh community will have to come forward and take concrete steps.

In the 1950-60s, the people who used to dress as Nihangs used to look upon them as protectors and respected them, but due to the involvement of some Nihang Singhs in the violent incidents in Punjab, the image of the protector started weakening. Yes, it is a matter of concern. Sikh society needs to think about this.

-Irwin Khanna, Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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