No player is bigger than the country, Ishaan and Shreyas bore the brunt of BCCI’s disregard

Nowadays in the game of cricket, players are becoming ‘stars’ in a very short time. Certainly credit for this should be given to IPL. Many youngsters dream of joining the Indian team by performing strongly in this tournament held every year. Some achieve success quickly while others have to wait a long time. There are some players who get entry into the team but then keep going in and out. One of these talents is Ishan Kishan who has just been shown the door. The case of Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer is in discussion these days. BCCI has excluded both of them from its contract list. They have had to suffer the consequences of BCCI’s disregard. First let’s talk about Ishaan. He was in the Indian team in the ODI World Cup but could play only two matches. After this, when the Indian team went on South Africa tour, Ishaan asked for a break from coach Rahul Dravid. That is, he expressed his inability to play. Apparently, this left-handed wicketkeeper batsman had become frustrated by continuously sitting on the bench. He was not given a chance even in the three T-20 match series against Afghanistan. Jitesh Sharma was tried in his place.

Ishaan must have felt that he was being kept in the team but was not getting a chance to play in the playing eleven. The anger of a young mind also sometimes comes out. In the ODI World Cup, almost the same eleven was fielded in every match. Since the Indian team was winning continuously, the coach and captain did not make any changes. Before losing in the final match, Team India had won every match. It is possible that Ishan Kishan may have vented out his anger by taking a break. He felt that he would not get a chance again with KL Rahul in the South Africa tour. Till now it was fine but after coming to India, Ishaan distanced himself from domestic cricket. Despite instructions from BCCI, he did not play any match for his Jharkhand team. He was busy practicing with Hardik Pandya. Since Pandya is the new captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL, he went closer to Pandya. Meanwhile, news came from BCCI that players who want to play IPL directly without playing domestic cricket, will not be able to do so. Ishaan ignored this instruction also. This is the reason why he had to be left out of the contract list. A promising player must remain disciplined.

BCCI is the controller of this game in the country. How can you live in disregard of the organization you work under? There is abundance of young players in the country. If any player understands that work cannot be done without him, then it is his mistake. The current England series is the best example of this. Virat Kohli was not available due to personal reasons. Mohammed Shami could not play due to injury. Despite this, the Indian team has won this series of test matches from England. No player is bigger than the country. Former captain Kapil Dev, who made India the World Cup winner in 1983, has also supported this idea. Actually, discipline also has to be followed in sports. No one can deny this.

Shreyas Iyer’s case also deteriorated due to this reason. He was given a chance in the Test series being played with England. But, during this time he became unfit. Shreyas has been out of the team repeatedly due to injury. He could not play a single match in the last IPL season. When he was released from the team due to ill health, he should have taken rest and played Ranji matches. But, he also did not follow the instructions of BCCI. After this he was also removed from the contract list. BCCI wants to strengthen domestic cricket. This is the foundation on which players stand and move forward. Many players return to the Indian team after playing in Ranji matches. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane are senior cricketers. Despite this, due to poor performance he had to be dropped from Team India. But both of them played Ranji matches in the hope that if they performed well in it, they would catch the attention of the selectors. Pujara also scored a lot of runs and there were expectations of his return in the series against England. No matter how big a player is, he cannot be bigger than the rules of the game, the dignity or the country. Maybe, Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer might have understood this now.

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