Nobel Prize 2023: Catalin Carico and Drew Weissman declared Nobel Prize in Medicine


Pudhari Online Desk: Nobel Prize 2023: The announcement of the Nobel Prize for 2023 began today, Monday (2 October). On the first day, Nobel Prizes have been announced to Caitlin Karika and Drew Weissman for their remarkable work in medicine.

The Nobel Prize Committee made it clear that Carico and Weismann were being honored for their research related to nucleoside base modification. Or the research helped in developing mRNA vaccine effective against coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. (Nobel Prize 2023)

Nobel Committee Secretary Thomas Perlman announced the winner at the Korolinska Institute. The Nobel Prize is a cash prize of 10 million Swedish Kroner i.e. approximately Rs 7.5 crore. The same amount will be given on 10th December. (Nobel Prize 2023)

There are 351 candidates from various fields in the race for the Nobel Prize. Since the Nobel Prize was started in 1901, till 2023, 227 people or prizes have been awarded in the medical field.

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