North Korea fires ballistic missile after threatening US spy plane


Seoul : North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Wednesday towards its eastern waters. Officials of South Korea and Japan gave this information. According to the report of the news agency language, North Korea had threatened to face shocking consequences two days ago in protest against the alleged intelligence activities of America near its territory. After this it was launched.

Ballistic missile fired on Wednesday morning

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the ballistic missile was launched from North Korea on Wednesday morning. He did not give any information about the distance the missile flew. On the other hand, Japan’s Defense Ministry said that it has detected a possible ballistic missile launch from North Korea.

America accused of flying military aircraft

The agency’s report said that this launch has been done at a time when North Korea issued several statements earlier this week accusing the US of flying a military plane close to North Korea to spy on its country. I went. At the same time, the US and South Korea rejected North Korea’s allegations and asked it to refrain from any act or rhetoric that could increase hostility.

Kim Jong Un’s sister made this claim

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, claimed in a statement on Monday night that US spy planes flew over North Korea’s eastern exclusive economic zone eight times a day. He said that North Korea used warplanes to drive out the American aircraft. Kim Yo Jong said that in the coming time, a shocking incident will happen in that part of 20-40 km, in which American spy planes continuously intrude in the sky above North Korea’s economic water area. North Korea has given many such threats in the past regarding America’s alleged espionage activities.

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