Nostradamus Predictions AI : Modern Nostradamus Warning On Artificial Intelligence Called AI Digital Antichrist Can Corrupt Our Soul


Brasilia : Many veterans of the world have warned about ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Everyone is calling it a ‘threat to humanity’. Meanwhile the ‘Nostradamus of today’ has claimed that AI has the potential to become a ‘digital devil’ that can ‘corrupt our souls’. Brazilian astrologer Athos Salome is called the ‘Nostradamus of modern times’. He told the DailyStar that AI could also lead to ‘destruction’.

Prophet Athos Salome claims to have predicted the coronavirus, Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Now he is warning about AI on which experts have different opinions. Some tech experts say it is ridiculous to say that AI robots will take over the world. While others say they are scared and some have even quit their jobs.

AI will keep humans on the job, is the era of slaves of machines coming?

Why are people afraid of AI?

The rise of AI has been rapid in recent years and chatbots like ChatGPT have become commonplace among the masses. Its development has raised hopes for a better future, Athos said. However, he added, “This growing influence of AI is a double-edged sword that has the potential to trigger catastrophic events.” The reason for people’s concern is the ability of this technology to learn and evolve on its own without human input.

Another epidemic will knock, humans will have a home on Mars… AI Nostradamus made many predictions

Athos warns

Athos warns, ‘The digital devil is ready to spread his web of illusion and corrupt our souls.’ He said that we should be ready to face this challenge and strike a balance between technological development and protection of humanity. Even before this, many tech experts including Elon Musk have appealed to stop the development of AI.

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