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Generally, economic activities in any region are divided into three categories. The first primary sector, in which things related to agriculture and basic and raw materials coming from the land are kept. The second or secondary sector in which raw materials and many other things are manufactured in factories is also called the manufacturing sector and the third or tertiary sector is the service sector, in which any kind of service is provided. Nowadays many workers and technology are being used extensively in the service sector. After the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 5 and 6G technology, extensive use of technology is being seen in the service sector also. Be it the service sector of the hotel industry or the service sector of home accessibility services, robots or autonomous flying drones can be seen working everywhere. As the name suggests, the service sector includes all types of services available to both the common and the special and its share in the current economic activities is increasing.
Many international companies related to this service sector presented their services and products in front of everyone during the China International Services Trade Fair-2023 (CIFTIS) going on in the capital of China for the last five days and in this fair, the services sector A glimpse of global trade was also seen. Inaugurated on September 2, this trade fair covered 12 main service related sectors, which included transport related services, travel or tourism related services, construction services, insurance services, financial services, telecommunication, computer and information services, intellectual property i.e. Sectors such as services related to intellectual property royalties, personal services, cultural services, recreational services, maintenance and repair services, trade services, services related to execution of any work and government services were all included.

During this fair, all the national and international companies also proposed to run their business service related business activities in the Chinese market and also presented the features of the services being provided in various sectors to the Chinese public. During this, the audience also saw the cultural and creative exhibition and people were also attracted towards this exhibition.

This time, Britain had a special presence in this fair as a guest country and be it UK copyright management service provider companies or global sports and entertainment service provider companies, everyone presented their proposals. The popularity of this fair can be understood from the fact that since its inception about a decade ago, more than 150 countries have registered their presence in this fair. This year also business representatives from more than 50 countries participated in this fair. The services related to innovation and modern technology of not only foreign but also Chinese domestic companies were discussed during this fair. Be it the service sector of tourism or the new technological idea of ​​robot care of sick patients, China’s domestic service provider companies were also seen presenting their latest products in their respective areas of expertise in an interesting manner. From electric cars to drone service provider companies also presented their new models in front of everyone in this fair.

The theme of this service trade fair also impressed everyone in which openness and mutual cooperation were mentioned as essential for future development for the benefit of all.

(Reporter-Vivek Sharma)

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