Now there will be no risk of virus while downloading the app, Google will eliminate malware – google new system download apps from google play store without scarring from malware


Nowadays many such news are coming out in which apps are said to be at risk of virus. Many such apps have been seen on the Google Play Store, in which there is a risk of malware or virus. Google Play Store is taking various measures to combat malware and prevent such apps from being listed on its platform.

Malware-free apps appear to be legitimate during the review process and are able to bypass Google’s security checks. After the review is complete, hackers inject malware into these apps. However, Google removes these harmful apps from the Play Store and also bans the respective developer accounts. But then hackers manage to submit dangerous apps with different names.

Data Universal Number System:

Google is going to implement a change for this problem of dangerous apps being added to the Play Store. This will make it extremely difficult for hackers to insert malware into any app. For this the developers shall have a valid DUNS (Data Universal Number System) number. This number will be released by Dun & Bradstreet, a data and business analytics firm. This will be a unique identity. For this the developers have to submit certain documents. This processor can take up to 30 days.

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Change in contact details

In addition to DUNS, Google will name the contact details section on the app listing as App Support. In this, more information will be provided to every developer than before. Also, Google has also announced that starting August 31, all new Android developers will need to provide a valid DUNS number when creating their account.

Security of Play Store will increase:

All the changes that Google is planning to make will increase the security of the Play Store. However, users also have to be careful about Android malware. Users have to be very careful while downloading any app. For this we recommend you to avoid sideloading apps on Android devices. Along with this, users are also advised that they must download AAP only from official app stores such as Play Store, Amazon App Store, App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

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