ODI Asia Cup: ‘He’ is the 5 batsman to hit the most ‘sixes’


Pudhari Online Desk : ODI Asia Cup : There are still a few hours left for the Asia Cup tournament to begin. The first encounter will take place on Wednesday (August 30) between Pakistan and Nepal. Indian Union will start its campaign against Pakistan on 2 September. People from all over the world are eager to see this great match. In such a situation or through the news, let us know about the batsmen who have hit the most sixes in the ODI format of the Asia Cup tournament.

Most sixes in the history of Asia Cup (ODI Asia Cup)

1. Shahid Afridi: 26 sixes

Asia Cup (Asia Cup 2023) Vikram Shahid Afridi is next to hit the most sixes in ODI format. He has hit 26 sixes in 23 matches. During this, he made a total of 532 runs with 2 centuries and one half-century.

2. Sanath Jayasuriya: 23 sixes

In second place is Sri Lanka’s Sanath Jayasuriya, who has hit 23 sixes and 139 fours in 25 innings. Jayasuriya made a total of 1220 runs in the Asia Cup, including 6 centuries and 3 half-centuries.

3. Suresh Raina: 18 sixes

In the third place is the name of Suresh Raina, former player of the Indian Federation. He has hit 18 sixes in 13 matches. During this period, Raina has deposited 547 raids in his account. In between, he has scored two centuries and three half-centuries.

Most Sixes in Asia Cup History Shahid Afridi on the Top Rohit Sharma at Four Suresh Raina Sanath Jayasuriya Sourav Ganguly - Asia Cup: Pakistani player is the 'Sixer King' of Asia Cup,

4. Rohit Sharma: 17 sixes

India’s skipper Rohit Sharma’s boat is at number four. He has hit a total of 17 sixes and 60 fours. Playing 22 matches in the Asia Cup, Rohit has scored a total of 745 runs with one century and five half-centuries.

5. Sourav Ganguly: 13 sixes

Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian Union, is at number five. Dada hit a total of 13 sixes and 44 fours in the Asia Cup. In this period, he scored 518 runs with 1 century and 4 half-centuries. (ODI Asia Cup)

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