Ola’s four racer electric motorcycles will be launched soon, know what the company will name


New Delhi : Ola Electric has announced the next phase of its product strategy in early August, which includes introducing a new lineup of electric motorcycles in the market. The new range of e-motorcycle concepts designed by veteran designer Kripa Ananthan and team has now got a name. Ola Electric has trademarked the names M1 Cruiser, M1 Adventure, M1 Cyber ​​Racer and Diamond Head, which will likely be used for upcoming electric motorcycles.

what can be the name of the motorcycles

Let us tell you that on August 15, Ola Electric unveiled the concept model of four electric motorcycles. This includes the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster and Diamondhead. Ola M1 Adventure will probably be the name of the adventure motorcycle, while M1 Cruiser will be for cruiser. Ola M1 Cyber ​​Racer could be the name of the upcoming roadster, which came as a working prototype at the event. Lastly, Ola may retain the Diamond Head name for its supersport counterpart, which the company says will redefine the idea of ​​a fully faired motorcycle.

The largest powertrain will be available in motorcycles

All e-motorcycles will use a newly developed frame with the battery as a stress member. While the company hasn’t revealed the features of these motorcycles yet, Bhavish Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Ola Electric, has confirmed that the electric motorcycles are the best we’ve seen on an Indian electric two-wheeler so far. Will get a bigger powertrain.

Ultraviolet just launched the F77

Currently, in electric motorcycles, Ultraviolet Electric has recently launched its F77 motorcycle, which offers the largest electric motor in the two-wheeler category. Its PMS motor produces 29 kW (38.8 bhp) and 95 Nm, while the 10.3 kWh battery pack offers a range of 307 km on a single charge.

Ola Motorcycles models to be launched in 2024

Ola’s electric motorcycles are at least a year away from production and the models are due to arrive sometime in 2024. The bikes are currently in the prototype phase and will undergo several tests in the next few months. The upcoming electric motorcycles will be the first of their kind from an Indian manufacturer. Apart from the Ultraviolette, Ola’s upcoming range will also face competition from the likes of Tork Motors, Zero motorcycles (to be introduced by Hero MotoCorp by 2025) as well as the new TVS X electric maxi-scooter.

F77 electric bike dedicated to Chandrayaan-3

Start-up Ultraviolet Automotive, which manufactures high-performance fully electric two-wheelers, has launched the Space Edition of the F77 dedicated to Chandrayaan on 21 August 2023. The electric motorcycle with a special variant called Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition costs 5.60 lakh (ex-showroom) and is dedicated to Chandrayaan-3. The EV startup claims that with this new model, it has dedicated itself to India’s space travel.

Booking of F77 electric bike starts from 22 August

Ultraviolet Automotive claims that the F-77 Space Edition is inspired by India’s foray into space research and technology. It is equipped with wide range aerospace-grade materials throughout the body. This means that the full electric motorcycle comes at a much higher price than the standard version of the model, which is available at a starting price of Rs. 3.80 lakh (ex-showroom). The EV maker has also said that bookings for the F 77 Space Edition will begin on August 22 evening on its official website. The bike will be produced in a specially limited number of only 10 units.

F 77 Space Edition design

Talking about the new special edition electric motorcycle, it has been claimed that it has been designed after advanced electronics and technology used in modern aircraft. The bike features custom machined aerospace-grade aluminum components, which ensure high durability. Plus, it’s equipped with aerospace-grade paint.

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