Olympics 2036: India eager to host Olympics 2036; PM modinkaduhi shikkamortab

Pudhari Online Desk: India is preparing a bid to host the Olympics 2036. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an official announcement in this regard today (Dec. 14). Prime Minister Modi himself made the announcement at the inauguration of the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) session at the Jio World Center in Mumbai. India is very excited to organize the Olympics, he said while speaking at this time. (Olympics 2036)

Prime Minister Modi said, “India will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to organize the Olympics 2036. This is the dream of 140 crore Indians. We have to fulfill our dreams through the teachings of IOC. Sports is not just about winning medals but it is the best way to win.” (Olympics 2036)

Prime Minister Modi said that he wishes to give India the title of hosting the Youth Olympics in 2029. We are interested in organizing the Youth Olympics in 2029. I am sure that India will receive continued support from the IOC,” PM Modi said in the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach. (Olympics 2036)

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