Online gaming addiction can become dangerous, it is very important to take care of these 4 things


It is very important to know how dangerous online gaming addiction is. This addiction took the life of Ganesh, a cab driver from Pune. As per a report, Ganesh used to use betting apps like online rummy to earn extra money and lost a lot of money in it. He could not tolerate losing money and took his own life. Many such incidents have come to the fore even before this. In such a situation, if you are also addicted to online gaming, then you need to reduce its addiction.

How to get rid of online gaming addiction?

The main focus of gaming companies remains on revenue. These apps force players to buy in-game items during the game. These companies earn money from this but the account of the players becomes empty. The biggest concern is for those players who play games on betting apps. Here people are given many types of greed. In this people get trapped in greed and then lose money in online scams.

1. Set a time to play games every day:
It is not easy to reduce the addiction of anything. Similarly, gaming addiction cannot be reduced so easily. In this case, you have to reduce the addiction little by little every day. One should not spend more than two hours in front of any screen every day. In such a situation, you have to limit the playing time to 30 minutes every day. For this, you can also set a reminder on the phone.

2. Remove gaming devices from the bedroom:
If you have a habit of playing games before sleeping, then this habit can disturb your sleep. In such a situation, if you have kept a gaming device in your bedroom, then you have to remove it from there.

3. Delete useless apps:
Many times gaming addiction increases so much that we download different types of games. In this way, the series becomes C for gaming all day. To reduce addiction, you also have to reduce gaming apps.

4. Stress-Free Activities:
To reduce gaming addiction, you have to focus on stress-free activities. When you concentrate on different activities, then gradually your gaming addiction will start reducing.

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