Online Scam: In the process of earning more money, one click and 9.35 lakh rupees fell from the account – part time job online scam man click on telegram link and loses money know how to stay safe


Online scams are on the rise. Earlier we have told you many cases and now a new case has come to the fore. A person from Mumbai has been scammed with Nielsen of Rs 9.35 lakh. This scam happened after clicking on the Telegram link. Here we are telling you what happened to this person and how to stay safe from such scams.

What is the whole matter:
Nielsen Media has been contacted by an unknown person and offered a part time job. After this the person had to click on a link to start the work. As soon as he clicked, the money flew away from his bank account linked to his UPI ID. According to a report, Nielsen received a message from a woman. He gave her the opportunity to work from home and earn. Also promised to give 150 rupees for every work. Then asked him to click on the link. The person was told that by clicking on this link he would have to rate the hotels.

As soon as he clicked on that link, he was redirected to a Telegram app page where he was asked to enter his UPI ID. After the completion of the work, Rs 150 was deposited in his account. Once the money came, he did more work and earned Rs.900.

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After this he was given more work. He thought the work was right and invested Rs 2000. Within few hours Rs 2800 was received in his account. Thereafter, three more jobs were given for which he was promised Rs 7,000, Rs 45,000 and Rs 98,000 respectively. He completed the work and also made the rest of the investment sought.

However, the person did not get any returns on this investment. When the person demanded his money, the scammer told him to return the money in full. Also asked to invest Rs 2 lakh. In this entire process, there was a loss of about Rs 9.37 lakh.

Filed a police report:

The victim then approached the Dahisar police station and lodged a complaint about the scam. However, even before this many cases have come to the fore in which many people have been duped of money. Here we are telling you what you have to do to avoid such scams.

Avoid online scams like this:

  • It is advised to the people that if someone tells you to give you a job sitting at home, then this kind of opportunity has to be ignored.
  • Do not trust any unknown call or message.
  • Be sure to double check any part time job opportunity.
  • Never share confidential information like password or UPI details and OTP with anyone.

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